Is Your Site Ready For the Fast Lane? 3 Ways To Optimize PageSpeed!

Fastest Website in automotive Industry

Does your site’s PageSpeed leave a little to be desired? Do your customers get tired of waiting for your site to load and bounce over to your competitor? Is your site actually costing you business?

These are the questions that you should be asking yourself about your current website and provider. Simply put, the faster your site is, the faster your customers are going to see your vehicles, and the faster you are going to sell them. Google has also indicated that site speed is one of the ranking factors for its algorithm. Which means a faster site could have your ranking higher on Google searches, which also means more sales. (more…)

Can’t Miss Conferences in 2017


Video TranscriptIn order to stay on top of the ever-changing world of digital marketing as well as follow the best practices in Automotive, you need to know where to go for the best tips and strategy. Submerging yourself in a pool of information is the best way to stay cutting edge and up to date. Conferences offer the ability to do just that as many of them are full day or multi-day events that fill you cup with useful actionable items straight from the leaders in the industry themselves. However do you know which conferences are worth your time and money? (more…)

Google’s New Mobile Index


Video Transcript
Google announced at Pubcon in October that they will be dividing their index to give mobile users better results. This mobile index intends to be their primary index making a separate desktop one less up-to-date. This announcement is one in a long line of not-so-subtle suggestions from Google that you have to be mobile-first oriented when it comes to your website. (more…)

How to Spot an SEO Scam


Video Transcript
Pssstt. Hey, over here. You need SEO? I’ve got some right here. I’ll get you top of the page, number one, no problem. Yeah, my kid nephew does it all,uh he knows computers. How much? I’ll take whatever you’ve got! Hundred bucks a month. Yeah yeah. Number one spot, like 4000 more hits to your website, we do it all. Just give us a few days and we’ll get you right up there. Alright… what you do you say?
Wow, do you know how to spot an SEO Scam? (more…)

AutoRevo’s New Website


Video TranscriptWe all know that working with the internet and technology means we’ve got to be able to adapt at the blink of an eye. What worked as a standard last year may not work this year, and anything that’s 5 years old might as well be prehistoric. At AutoRevo we’re constantly working hard to keep our dealers cutting edge. And we’re at it again. (more…)

AutoRevo’s Game-Changing Mobile App for Powersports


Video Transcript
In 2008 AutoRevo became the first company in the industry to offer a mobile app for complete inventory marketing solutions. The often imitated app was a game changer for dealers allowing for the first time dealers to manage inventory from their smartphone. 8 years later, AutoRevo is changing the game again. (more…)

Paid Versus Organic: Which Works for Your Dealership?


How does a website get to the first page of a Google search? Why is that such an important goal? These are intriguing questions for a company that places a premium on driving potential customers to their site. According to a 2014 study, once a customer is on a company’s site, there is about a 2% chance on average that they will do business with that company. (more…)

Local Targeting from Global Reach

Hey guys, I’m traveling this week to Las Vegas for Pubcon and then to Orlando for the AIMExpo but I didn’t want to leave you hanging so here’s my presentation from my session this morning at Pubcon. It’s aim is to show you how granular and easy it is to target locally using Facebook’s Power Editor.  For tons of great tips from the SEO/SEM industry’s best minds, follow the #Pubcon hashtag on Twitter. If you guys have any questions, or would like a copy of this powerpoint, feel free to leave a comment or email directly. See you guys next week!

Google’s New Review Changes


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Google announced a month ago that they were going to start including “Reviews from the Web” in local search results and about a week ago we started seeing them in branded searches for auto dealerships. Now customers don’t have to take the extra steps to find out about your reputation as a dealer, because it’s right there on the first page. My questions to you are, “How well do you manage your reputation online? And how well do you handle a bad review?” (more…)

Switching Your Website Provider


Video Transcript
What if every couple of years you had to move your entire business to a new location just to keep up with the needs of your customers? You’d have to move your inventory, your showroom, your employees, and your entire operations just when you were getting settled. It would be hard staying organized and admit it, there’s a great likelihood that some things would be lost. But with all of the potential problems with moving, the question remains, if your customers demanded it, would you do it? Believe it or not, you already are. (more…)