Live From Digital Dealer 18

We’re live at Digital Dealer, so there’s no tip this week – check back next week and watch the recording of my presentation here in Tampa…

Local SEO Presentation From Brighton SEO

Whiteboard Friday Local SEO video

Check out Greg’s presentation from last week’s Brighton SEO, the largest search marketing conference in the UK. While the presentation is geared towards businesses in the UK, the tips are universal. Hear the latest tips for getting your dealership to rank higher in local searches and get more online visibility.

Google’s Mobile Update on April 21st

Google is going to roll out an update to how websites are ranked in mobile searches on April 21, 2015. Our customers have nothing to worry about, but other dealers are calling us and asking about the update… This week’s video covers what’s coming with the update, which sites will be penalized, and how to tell if your site is safe. If you’re worried about Mobilegeddon, you’ll definitely want to watch.

Automotive SEO Webinar for FIADA

Last week, I presented a webinar on Automotive SEO for the Florida Independent Auto Dealers Association. As always, we wanted to share the presentation with everyone, so we created a recording to post here on the blog.

This video clip clocks in right at 36 minutes, so if you don’t have the time to watch now, you should just save the link and come back later. You’ll need to have a note pad handy, it’s chock-full of awesome tips on how to get your dealership to show up higher on local searches.

How to Check Your Citations With Moz Local

Citations – or mentions of your name, address, and phone number – are a big part of the ranking signal for local businesses. It’s important that your citations are consistent, so that every time your info appears online, it’s the same info. Google expects to see consistent information, so if you’ve got mismatched or duplicate data, it can hinder your rankings in local searches.

This week’s tip video walks you through using Moz Local, a free tool that checks your listings on 15 major citation sources. Watch and learn how to check your dealership’s listings, and see how the tool helps you fix incorrect or broken data.

Google My Business Phone Support – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

It’s notoriously hard to claim your Google My Business listing (what used to be called Google Places). You’ve got to get Google to mail you a postcard with a PIN, then you have to log back in, enter the PIN, and finally claim your page. Unfortunately, it seems like the cards always get tossed out with the junk mail, or sometimes never show up.

If you’re having problems claiming your Google My Business page, you should use Google’s phone support. Watch this week’s video and learn how…

SEO Presentation from SMX West 2015 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

I was in San Jose, California, last week presenting at the SMX West conference – and as always, I wanted to share a recording of the presentation to share with everyone who wasn’t able to attend. This presentation is a bit more advanced, so there might be a few points where you might get lost… but there are still tons of helpful points for dealers with even limited knowledge of Local SEO. As always, if you have any questions about anything in the video, leave them in the comments down below and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

Follow the SMX Conference This Week – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Want to learn the latest cutting-edge tips about SEO, PPC, and Social Media? This week’s tip is a quick one – you just need to follow the #SMX hashtag on Twitter. There will be lots of people live tweeting the conference, so if you go to Twitter and follow the hashtag, you’ll see tons of tips and knowledge nuggets over the next few days.

You could also follow me on Twitter – @greggifford – I’ll be live tweeting all the sessions I’m in as well.

Presentation From The Canadian Digital Dealer Conference

I flew up to Canada last week to present at the Canadian Digital Dealer Conference, and as always, I wanted to post a recording of the session so that more dealers could benefit from what I shared. Kick back, this video is a little over half an hour long – it’s packed full of Local SEO tips and tricks, and info about the latest updates to Google’s algorithm. If you want your dealership to show up better in local searches, this is the video you want to watch!

Ideas for Local Website Content – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

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If you want your site to be relevant for local searches, you’ve got to have local content on your site. This week’s video shares a ton of ideas for localized content so you can help your dealership get more local visibility. Use these ideas, or piggy back off of them and come up with your own!