How to Get More Google Reviews

Tried everything to get more Google reviews? Considered some of those shady dealer tactics like setting up a reviews kiosk? You’ve been doing it wrong. Watch our latest tip video to learn how you can do more to get a natural review Google review profile.

Google reviews are a local ranking signal, so it’s always best to get as many natural reviews possible. You don’t ever want to incentivize the review process, but we can help you change the way you interact with your customers to get them more enthused about reviewing your dealership.

Optimize Your Inventory for Aggregator Sites

Are you doing everything you can to make your inventory stand out on aggregator sites? If you want to learn how to optimize your inventory to get more leads for your vehicles, watch this short video. We’ll run through a couple things you can do to make sure your inventory looks great on aggregator sites.

Get More Mobile Conversions with Simple Contact Forms

Mobile users and desktop users have different behavior, so your site needs to adapt the experience to each device – especially on a responsive site. We see car dealers frame in their insanely long financing form on a responsive site and it just ends up looking terrible on mobile; it also negatively impacts mobile financing conversions.

Check out this video to see how you can get more mobile conversions with simple contact form on your financing page.

How to Earn Local Links for Car Dealers

Local Links for Car Dealers - AutoRevo

Want to increase your dealership’s online presence, but think link building is too scary or complicated? You might reconsider after you learn a few things you can do offline to earn local links.

Building local links for car dealerships requires a different mindset than most other businesses, but that’s a good thing. Car dealers have a unique knowledge set that can be useful to multiple link sources. Also, many car dealers are already involved with local groups, sporting events, car meetups, etc…

Switching Website Providers? Set Up 301 Redirects

Ever since the first dealerships got online, there’s been a huge question around showing sold inventory on a dealership website. Many dealers still believe it’s a good idea and that it will result in more leads and sell more cars. This week’s Tuesday Tip Video Clip explains why displaying sold inventory is a very bad idea, both for SEO and for user experience. Watch and learn about the latest best practices for dealership inventory online.

At AutoRevo, we always set up 301 redirects for the pages that need them. If you’re using a different provider, just make sure you talk to your account manager or support team and have them set up the 301 redirects for you.

Should You Show Sold Vehicles On Your Site?

Ever since dealers have been on the Internet, there’s been a debate about showing sold inventory on a dealership website. The proponents swear that showing sold inventory brings in more leads, but there’s never any proof of that point. This week’s video walks through the issue and points out all the proven reasons why showing your sold inventory is very bad for your dealership.

Check Your Inbound Links With Open Site Explorer

Inbound links to your website are an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so it’s important to keep an eye on which sites are linking to your dealership. It’s also helpful to check out the links that your competitors have, since they might have some links that your dealership hasn’t thought of pursuing.

This week’s tip video walks you through using a tool called Open Site Explorer from Moz to check your links. Watch the video and learn how to check your own links, or even your competitors’ links, so that you can stay on top of your SEO process and help your dealership rank better in local searches.

Local SEO Presentation from Search Engine Journal Summit

Our Director of Search and Social spoke at the recent Search Engine Journal Summit in Dallas, Texas. As always, we wanted to create a video of the presentation and share it with our dealers, since there’s always so much great info in his presentations.

This one’s about 25 minutes long, so kick back and enjoy the Local SEO tips!

Local SEO Presentation From Digital Dealer 18

I presented to another packed room at Digital Dealer 18 in Tampa recently, and as always, we wanted to share the presentation with everyone. This time we’ve actually got the live recording of the session, so it’s a bit more exciting since you can hear the crowd reaction to the jokes and puns.

A bit of a warning though – there’s some PG-13 language in this one, so if you’re listening at the office, you might want to be careful…

Local SEO Presentation From AZIMA

It’s been a crazy month of conferences – I’m finally back at the office after 4 weeks of 4 consecutive speaking engagements. A few weeks ago, I flew out to Phoenix to speak at the monthly Arizona Interactive Marketing Association meeting. My superhero-themed presentation was a huge hit, and as always, we wanted to share it on the blog so everyone can check it out.

It’s a little over 30 minutes, so make sure you’ve got time to kick back and take it all in. While it’s not specifically geared towards car dealers, the tips apply to any small business – so watch and learn how to get your dealership to rank higher on Google!