Two Huge Tips for Your Business Online


Two Huge Tips for Your Business Online

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Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. We usually offer alot of tips on what you should be doing to rank better and to drive traffic to your site. However, this week’s tip is about the two things you never do with your website or business because they will kill your SEO.

First and foremost, you should never have duplicate content anywhere on your website. It’s ok to have the same information on different pages, but you should never, and I mean never have the same paragraphs word for word on separate pages. We see this occur time and time again especially on the homepage and about us pages.

Drive Foot Traffic to Your Dealership


Drive Foot Traffic to Your Dealership

Video Transcript
Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Last week we discussed four ways to drive traffic to your website. This week we’ll talk about how you can drive foot traffic to your dealership.

The first thing you can do to drive foot traffic to your dealership is to host a community service event. Charities, hospitals and blood banks are always looking for local businesses to host toy drives, blood drives, and food and clothing drives. Obviously the traffic created won’t be there to buy a car… initially. This kind of event not only builds your brand in the community but also gives people the opportunity to see your inventory as well as any additional services you offer. Make sure you utilize social media to maximize your exposure, after all some of the highest engagement we’ve seen with dealerships are when you participate in events like this.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Video Transcript
Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. So you’ve got a flashy new website with all the bells and whistles but you’re not sure how to get people to it. It’s okay. I’m here to help. Your website offers a unique 24 seven solution to the old brick-and-mortor storefront. Customers can access your inventory at your virtual location at any time and from anywhere so it’s not only important to have a good website, but to have all of your information easy to access. Here are a few of my suggestions for driving traffic to your site.

My first suggestion is to advertise. Now it seems like a simple solution to a complicated problem but advertising could be the best way to drive traffic to your website. Whether your customers prefer print, radio, tv or digital advertising, it’s your job to know where they are looking for your business the most. You should also consider paid search, social media advertising, in addition to display advertising like television or billboards. Make sure your website is included on all the advertising you utilize.

Defeat Google like a Horror Movie Hero


Defeat Google Like a Horror Movie Hero

Video Transcript
Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Search engines can be scary and although there are over 200 ranking factors going into each search, some factors carry a heavier weight than others. It’s important to know that Google wants to deliver the best experience out there as well as the best site available for each query. In the spirit of Halloween, I’m going to explain these as if you are trying to survive a classic horror movie. The scene is set, the moon is rising, queue the creepy music. 

How Search Engines Work


How Search Engines Work

Video Transcript
Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Now you may have noticed right off the bat that I am not the same guy or guys that used to do these videos. However I assure you that I am a lot more like those guys you can see at first glance.

For a long time these videos were hosted by a certain SEO ninja and like that ninja I have a beard… glasses… and a bald spot. And for a brief time after him, these tips were brought to you by an SEO rockstar. Well, like the SEO rockstar, I can actually play a mean guitar… But with all these attributes, it doesn’t quite explain what I am doing here. Please, let me introduce myself. Hi, (snap!) I am Bryant Goodall, the new director of search and social at AutoRevo. (Snap!) and I am here to help you anyway I can. Now let’s try this again.

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Billions of people use search engines to navigate their way through even more billions of websites on the Internet and I guarantee you most don’t know how Google and other search engines work. Don’t worry, I am here to help. Search engines start by sending out “spiders” or little programs that crawl websites and pages and actually follow links from that site to other websites. They keep doing this over and over again. While doing this, they save or “index” these pages in vast databases.

Google Popular Times Added to SERPs

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Google’s innovations in the SERPs have changed the face of the internet for a long time now. While it’s
the bane or joy of most of those who keep up with this sort of thing, it certainly affects the billions using search engines across the world. It’s hard to know if a new feature will be short-lived or long-lasting. Well Google has done it again with adding “Popular Times” on some searches to the Knowledge Graph and I think it’s going to stay.

Although its data basis is unknown (Google’s little question mark says “Based on historical visits to this
place”), I can say that it has little or nothing to do with website traffic and more to do with your actual
foot traffic. It took just a few minutes in the Google Analytics of local business to see that it site traffic
data wasn’t a large contributing factor to the “Popular Times graph”. After all, the focus of most brick-
and-mortar businesses is to get customers in the store.

No, it’s not time to quit optimizing content or getting customers to click on driving directions; having
your web experience fully optimized in order to drive traffic and rankings is still the best bet. Oh and
keep doing what you’re best at: providing service and product better than the competitors. After all,
business is about the bottom line.

How to Choose the Right Keywords to Target

How to Choose the Right Keywords for your Car Dealer Website

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to another tuesday tip video clip. We’re going back to basics today with a quick overview of how to do keyword research.

First, evaluate your dealership’s inventory. Identify the types of vehicles you regularly have the most and take note of price ranges. You might be asking yourself, “why does the price of my cars matter for keyword research?” Well, a large number of dealer groups are enamored with targeting only keywords with the largest search volume. This is a great strategy… until it no longer accurately reflects your inventory and site content.

So, even though it looks really tempting to target the keyword phrase “cheap used cars for sale” because of the search volume, if all of your used cars are more than $10,000, then you’re wasting your time trying to optimize for it. Even if you do rank well for “cheap used cars”, users aren’t going to be happy landing on a site with only high-priced CPO vehicles.

Moving on. You’ve evaluated the inventory and took note of price range, now we need to go crazy on keywords.

There are numerous tools that dealers can use to get keyword ideas and test keywords, but we’ll just discuss Google’s Keyword Planner for now. Go to the “Google Keyword Planner”, login to your Google account, select “Find New Keywords” and start rapid-firing keywords related to your business and city. Start with the big boy keywords like used cars plus city, city used cars, cars for sale in city, car dealers in city, etc…then start narrowing down the keywords you want to target based upon what is relevant to your business.

So, don’t go after “buy here, pay here” customers if you aren’t a BHPH dealer – you can certainly still target terms related to bad credit buyers, but don’t go after phrases that don’t really represent what your site and business offer. We see too many dealers trying to focus on ranking for every phrase under the sun instead of focusing on the phrases that are backed by their site content, inventory, or existing strategy.

Another quick tip for Local Search, be realistic about ranking in the map pack for multiple cities. Analyze the SERPs for your desired keywords and see if any other car dealers in your city are ranking in the pack 2 towns over. For some metro areas, it certainly happens, but for others the competition is simply too fierce. So, it might be best to focus on dominating your metro area before trying to take over the world.

Well, that about wraps it up. As always, if you have any comments, leave them below and we’ll see you next week.

How to Get More Google Reviews

Tried everything to get more Google reviews? Considered some of those shady dealer tactics like setting up a reviews kiosk? You’ve been doing it wrong. Watch our latest tip video to learn how you can do more to get a natural review Google review profile.

Google reviews are a local ranking signal, so it’s always best to get as many natural reviews possible. You don’t ever want to incentivize the review process, but we can help you change the way you interact with your customers to get them more enthused about reviewing your dealership.

Optimize Your Inventory for Aggregator Sites

Are you doing everything you can to make your inventory stand out on aggregator sites? If you want to learn how to optimize your inventory to get more leads for your vehicles, watch this short video. We’ll run through a couple things you can do to make sure your inventory looks great on aggregator sites.

Get More Mobile Conversions with Simple Contact Forms

Mobile users and desktop users have different behavior, so your site needs to adapt the experience to each device – especially on a responsive site. We see car dealers frame in their insanely long financing form on a responsive site and it just ends up looking terrible on mobile; it also negatively impacts mobile financing conversions.

Check out this video to see how you can get more mobile conversions with simple contact form on your financing page.