Local SEO Presentation From The Dallas Digital Summit

I spoke at the Dallas Digital Summit last week, so we wanted to share my presentation for this week’s Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Google made some recent changes, so this video is full of up-to-date tips on how to get your site to rank well in local searches. Kick back and watch the video and learn some inside tips that will help your dealership gain more visibility in 2015.

Plus, this presentation’s theme is comedy movies, so there are 121 comedy movie references, with at least one movie for every year in the last 50 years. It also includes 19 movies from 1985, the high point of American film comedy.

Automotive SEO Presentation From Digital Dealer Workshops

We wanted to share our popular presentation from the recent Digital Dealer Workshops in Houston and Dallas. The presentation covers everything you need to know about Automotive SEO – why it’s important, what’s involved, and even how to choose a worthwhile provider. If you’re doing your own SEO, you’ll know the latest effective tips to help boost your local visibility, and if you’re using a provider, you’ll know how to hire someone who can actually help.

How to Set Up Goals In Google Analytics – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

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Goals in Google Analytics allow you to track specific actions that you specify, so you have a better understanding about how your website is converting visitors into leads. You can track how long someone spends on the site, if they visit a certain minimum number of pages, or if they visit a specific page. The most common use of goals is to track forms that are filled out on your site. Our latest video walks you through the process of setting up goals, so you can track your form conversions so you can make smarter marketing decisions.

6 Tips For Optimizing Your Site for Local Searches

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It’s important to optimize your site to show up well in local searches so that your customers can find you. Today we’re sharing 6 elements that need to be optimized on every page of your site to help it show up better in local searches. Follow these tips and you’ll have a leg up on your competitors in local searches.


How To Do Barnacle SEO – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

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After Google’s recent Pigeon update, large national directory sites are ranking really well in local searches. Many times, at least half of the spots on page one of Google results are taken up by these big directories. Instead of crying about them taking up the higher spots and pushing your dealership to page two, you should use Barnacle SEO to take advantage of the directories. Our latest tip video explains how to do Barnacle SEO and what you need to do to be effective.

Don’t Let Your Website Get Stale – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Is your website stale? How long as it been since you updated your content… or the slideshow on your home page… or the entire design of the site? If your site is stale and out of date, it’s not going to convert visitors, and you’ll be missing out on potential sales. Our latest video explains why keeping your site fresh is important, and how updating your design can make a huge difference for your dealership.

5 Scary Examples of What Not To Do On Your Website – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

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It’s almost Halloween, so we thought we’d share some scary examples of things that auto dealers love to do on their websites… even though every example is awful for SEO and user experience, we see them all the time. Sit back and watch this week’s video and learn what NOT to do on your dealer website.

Proof That SEO Is Absolutely Necessary – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

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We talk to dealers all the time who call us wondering why their site isn’t showing up higher in Google. Most people assume that if they have a website, that website will just show up in search results – but they don’t think about how other dealers are fighting for the same spots on page one. To help demonstrate why great content and proper SEO are now absolutely necessary, we share some quick back-of-the-napkin math to help illustrate how competitive the automotive niche is. I wrote an article in Search Engine Land recently that covers the same process, and I wanted to share it here in this week’s video.

Local SEO Presentation From Digital Dealer – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

I presented a session on Local SEO at Digital Dealer 17 in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and the presentation was a huge hit. In fact, it was voted as one of the top sessions of the entire conference…

We wanted to share my helpful tips and information with everyone who wasn’t able to make it to Vegas, so this week’s Tuesday Tip Video Clip is a LOT longer than normal. The video clocks in at around 50 minutes, so make sure you grab some popcorn and a note pad, because I squeeze in as many SEO and online marketing tips as I can…

Bookmarking Your Login Page – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

How much time do you spend logging in to your website’s back end system? Instead of hitting the provider’s website, scrolling to the login link, and clicking it – why not just bookmark your login page? You’ll save time and get to where you’re going faster…