Follow the SMX Conference This Week – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Want to learn the latest cutting-edge tips about SEO, PPC, and Social Media? This week’s tip is a quick one – you just need to follow the #SMX hashtag on Twitter. There will be lots of people live tweeting the conference, so if you go to Twitter and follow the hashtag, you’ll see tons of tips and knowledge nuggets over the next few days.

You could also follow me on Twitter – @greggifford – I’ll be live tweeting all the sessions I’m in as well.

Presentation From The Canadian Digital Dealer Conference

I flew up to Canada last week to present at the Canadian Digital Dealer Conference, and as always, I wanted to post a recording of the session so that more dealers could benefit from what I shared. Kick back, this video is a little over half an hour long – it’s packed full of Local SEO tips and tricks, and info about the latest updates to Google’s algorithm. If you want your dealership to show up better in local searches, this is the video you want to watch!

Ideas for Local Website Content – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

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If you want your site to be relevant for local searches, you’ve got to have local content on your site. This week’s video shares a ton of ideas for localized content so you can help your dealership get more local visibility. Use these ideas, or piggy back off of them and come up with your own!

VDP Photos – Thumbnails or Big ‘uns? – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

This week’s video discusses VDP photos. Far too many dealers still choose to show giant images, so customers have to scroll down far too many times to see all the photos. Yes, we understand that showing large photos is important, but even the most novice computer user knows you can click a thumbnail to see a larger image. Stop forcing endless scrolling on your potential customers and making your pages load slowly – watch our video for all the details.

Resize Photos Before Upload – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

When you’re uploading photos to your informational pages on your dealership’s website, it’s incredibly important that you upload images that have been resized and optimized. Your site’s CMS will let you load in huge images and then change their apparent size with the embed code, but that’s a bad solution. The images load slowly, because the huge image still has to load before it can be downsized in real time. This creates a bad user experience, and drastically slows down your page load speed, which is bad for your SEO.

Keep Your Site Menu Clean & Organized – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

It’s important to make your site easy to navigate – if potential customers are on your site and they can’t figure out where to go to get the answers they need, they’re probably going to leave. There have been several studies that have shown that more than 7 menu items is counter-productive, yet we still see dealers trying to cram in as many menu links as they possibly can. Use your submenus and keep your menu clean and easy to navigate, and your customers will stick around longer and convert at a higher percentage.

8 Blogs and Websites to Read in 2015 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

If you want to succeed in 2015, you’ve got to stay informed… You need to know what’s going on in the automotive industry, and you need to keep up to date with any Google updates, and the latest tips and tricks for getting your site to rank higher in search engines. Last week, we shared a list of the best conferences to attend in 2015 to learn more, and this week we’re sharing a list of the 8 best websites to read on a regular basis. Check the video transcript below for clickable links to each site.

10 Conferences to Attend in 2015 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

IF you want to succeed in today’s competitive online market, you’ve got to keep up with best practices and the latest online marketing updates. Reading a few blog posts here and there isn’t going to cut it – you need to attend a conference or two. This week’s video shares our recommendations for the best 10 conferences to attend this year, both in the automotive niche and the SEO and PPC niche. Check the transcript below for links to each conference website.

Pinterest for Auto Dealers – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Too many dealers are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon without really understanding how to use Pinterest. Our latest video covers the right way (and the wrong way) to use Pinterest, and how you need to approach creating pinnable content. If you’ve got some unique cars on your lot, you’ll definitely want to watch this video.

15 Tips for 2015 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

It’s almost 2015 – can you believe it? While it’s a bit disappointing that we don’t have rocket sleds or holodecks yet, we do have some space-age tips to help your dealership have an amazing online presence next year. In our final Tuesday Tip Video Clip of 2014, we share 15 tips for 2015 – tips to help with SEO, social media, online reviews, and your dealership website. Watch, learn, and have an amazing new year!