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Car Dealer Tips for Craigslist

  Video Transcript With a billion pageviews a day, mighty Craigslist is the undisputed king of the classified world. And it’s still one of the best places to sell cars even though it now costs dealers a little bit of money. Although Craigslist’s decision to charge car dealers for their posts seemed like they were… Read more »

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013


2013 was a pretty incredible year for our blog. We always like to take a look back at the last year to see which posts really resonated the most with people, and this year’s list is pretty interesting. Quick Observations: 8 of the top 10 posts are related to Google Plus/Google Places and Local SEO…. Read more »

The Truth About Craigslist Providers


Apparently there are a few unscrupulous providers out there who are flat out lying about their Craigslist posting services. We wanted to get the truth out there, so we created this little video… It pretty much speaks for itself… The Truth About Craigslist Providers

Why Does Craigslist Flag Listings?


If your listings on Craigslist are being flagged, then there are multiple potential causes. The Craigslist community is known for overzealous flagging and it’s not uncommon for a Craigslist listing to be flagged simply because enough Craigslist users flagged the listing as spam. A more common reason is that the anti-spam software Craigslist uses flags… Read more »

Best AutoRevo Blog Posts of 2012

2012 is coming to a close, and while all the crazies get ready for the end of the world next week, the rest of us are looking ahead to 2013 and planning out our strategy for the new year. The goal of this blog is to help auto dealers all over the country be better… Read more »

The Secret Formula For Posting Cars On Craigslist

Craigslist has become vital to the success of many modern dealers, but there’s a huge number of dealers who just don’t understand how to post cars to Craigslist. Our VP of Sales was featured last Thursday as part of the CARFAX PowerUp webinar series, and he presented our new Craigslist secret formula. We’ve studied hundreds… Read more »

Getting The Most Out Of eBay And Craigslist

(this is an article I wrote for AutoSuccess magazine that originally ran on February 12, 2012) Everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who sold 100 cars a month with eBay and Craigslist. But if you were hoping all you had to do was throw a bunch of inventory online and wait for urban… Read more »

The BEST Craigslist Car Ad… EVER!

Joe Strachila and his childhood friend, Kyle Miller, two individuals in Seattle, have done what every car dealer in the country has tried to do for years… Last week, they posted the greatest Craigslist car ad – EVER. The ad is for a 1995 teal Pontiac Grand Am, marked down from $199,999 to just $700…. Read more »

Download our Craigslist Whitepaper

Craigslist is one of the most important weapons in an auto dealer’s arsenal. The most successful dealers know that there’s simply no better free source for leads in the industry. Unfortunately, because it’s free, the level of competition is almost unbelievable. To make things even more difficult, you’re not just fighting to stand out from… Read more »