AutoRevo's new office

We’re finally settled in to our brand spankin’ new office space! We moved in about a month ago, but there were a few small things that were still being worked on… Now we’re all done, and we wanted to share a few photos. We moved just a few miles up the road from our old office, but we’re in a MUCH nicer building – and we had our entire space finished out to our own custom specifications. (We owe a huge “thanks” to Erik and Travis, who spent months of time going over every little detail)

We moved from a boring space that had zero personality to an awesome office with such a good vibe that we’re all excited to come to work every day. We set up an “agile” environment that encourages communication – you’ll notice the lack of cubicles and the open layout. Enjoy the photos, and if you happen to roll through Dallas, come by and visit!

AutoRevo floorplan

This is the overall layout – it will help you see how the following pictures all relate to the actual office.

AutoRevo main entry

The view as you walk in the front door. The floors are all polished scraped concrete, and most of the office has exposed ceilings (so it’s literally the floor of the offices above us).

AutoRevo reception desk

The front reception desk. The wood slats on the logo wall are all reclaimed wood from old barns.

AutoRevo support

Standing by the reception desk, looking into the main bullpen area where our Account Management and Support team live. You can see the Sales Team offices along the back wall (they’re separated from the group because they don’t understand “inside voices”).

AutoRevo design department door

If you head to the right, you’ll see the hallway that leads to design and our lounge. Check out the awesome sliding barn door in AutoRevo orange.

AutoRevo design team

Our design team, hard at work.

AutoRevo kitchen

Our kitchen/lounge area is the highlight of our office.

AutoRevo lounge

We’ve got a pretty sweet setup in the kitchen/lounge… this is our tv/x-box area.

AutoRevo pool table

…and this is our pool table, with custom AutoRevo orange felt.

AutoRevo President's office

Here’s our President’s office, towards the other end of the office. His window is lined with more of the same reclaimed wood featured behind the reception desk.

12th floor view from AutoRevo

Here’s a shot of the view from the office of our VP of Sales, overlooking the Dallas North Tollway.

AutoRevo development team

Here’s a shot of our dev team, hard at work. Usually it’s a lot darker in here (we call it the “cave”), but we wanted a nice photo, so we turned the lights on.

AutoRevo SEO team

Finally, here’s a shot of the SEO and social media team’s area (that’s me in the back office).

Again, we love to have visitors, so if you’re in the area, come by and see us. Pictures don’t really do any justice to how awesome our new office space is – you really need to stop by and see it for yourself.