Mobilegeddon 2016


Mobilegeddon 2016

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IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE. It was complete chaos. Crummy websites were dropping in rankings on my smartphone and nobody knew what happened. Mobile search was turned upside down. It was like one day everything was fine, then someone dropped a bomb. It was like Mobilegeddon all over again! If only someone had warned us. (more…)

What is Managed SEO?


What Is Managed SEO?

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Google Now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to 3 and a half billion searches per day and 1.12 trillion searches worldwide. In fact in the United States alone there are 11 billion searches a month. Man look at all those zeros. As a business you not only have to compete with the businesses around you but those who are trying to rank better than you on Google. I mean come on it’s 2016, if you’re not doing everything with your website to help you rank better, and help customers find you more easily then you are missing out. Fully optimizing your website is a full time job and most businesses need as much help as they can get. Luckily I’m here to help. (more…)

Claim Your Google My Business Page

Claim Your Google My Business Page - AutoRevo Blog

As a Google Local Guide, I update local business listings with correct information and photos. You would be surprised how many businesses don’t have any photos of their business on Google Maps. I was in front of a donut shop last week that didn’t even exist on Google Maps until I added it! Oftentimes their information is incorrect. It is extremely important that you update this information because:

Google My Business is where Google Maps pulls its information

But what if Google users add incorrect images of your business or input your website URL incorrectly? This is why it’s vital to claim your business on G+ so you can edit this information if it’s incorrect. The results that Google returns after a branded or keyword search come directly from the Google My Business pages for each business. To prove ownership of the business, Google calls the business with a prompt to enter a code. However, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, Google will mail you a card with a validation code on it. This takes a few days, and the card is often mistaken for trash and thrown away. A tip to avoid this is speaking to someone at the business and letting them know the card is coming, then add a “care of” line to the card. (more…)

Why You Should Show Price on Inventory


Why You Should Show Price on Inventory

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So let’s say you’re shopping for a brand new TV and you’re researching online for the best prices. You’ve found three stores not too far away that have the exact TV you’re looking for and you pull up their websites to compare. The first two companies have the price clearly marked and in fact there isn’t any difference between the prices but the last website makes you “call for the price”. Do you call? (more…)

Citations: What You Need to Know | AutoRevo



What are citations and why are they important?

Do you have a great website but you’re having trouble getting traffic from local sources? It’s important to think about how you plan on getting local traffic if you plan to make a majority of your business transactions in a brick and mortar store. You may get an occasional hit from a visitor down the street, but how can you get your business information out there in a way that it comes up on Google more frequently when performing local searches? Even with the best photos, related alt text on images, and engaging content on every page, targeting and acquiring traffic from areas nearby are a top priority if you want to keep your doors open. Citations make up about 25% of your ranking on SERPs so ensuring your citations are correct and consistent are the key to getting on map packs and local searches on Google. (more…)

Responsive Sites for 2016 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip


Responsive Sites for 2016

Video Transcript
Hi, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. 2015 was the tipping point for mobile traffic and search as Google released it’s mobile update in April. Of course this update is now old news, however, this year, the percentage of those researching their next car purchase on mobile will grow well past the 42% mark reported in 2014. What does this mean for your dealership? Well if you haven’t already switched your website to a responsive one, you’re already far behind the pack. (more…)

Flaunting Fonts: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fonts on Your Website


Flaunting Fonts: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fonts on Your Website

Sure, it’s nice to use some custom fonts and colorful text to draw a user’s attention to your content, but did you know that some fonts and styling you use can affect the overall user experience which in turn could be bad for SEO? Yes folks, it’s true. While you can use some custom fonts, you typically want to stay with standard web or Google fonts. Some fonts can even affect the page loading time, which Google and other search engines see, and in turn, drop the rankings of these sites due to long loading time.

While you may want to use some hot pink text with Comic Sans, many search engines that crawl your site understand the user experience of your website and will bump you down if it isn’t user friendly. It helps to use a standard web or Google font as they are optimized to load faster (or not load at all, because the font is already on your system). On top of that, someone who is looking to buy a customized big bore motorcycle, will most likely not be impressed with a font that looks like it belongs on a day care website. (more…)

Six Huge Tips for 2016 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip


Six Huge Tips for 2016

Video Transcript
Hi, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Can you believe it’s already 2016? Funny enough, no hoverboards or flying cars… yet, but the race is on for self-driving cars and privatized space travel. We packed last year with a ton of great tips for car dealers every week and we plan to do the same in 2016. To start the year off right, I’m giving you six massive tips to help your dealership sell in the digital age. (more…)

Top Ten Tuesday Tip Video Clips of 2015 – Part 2


Top Ten Tuesday Tip Video Clips of 2015 – Part 2

Video Transcript
Hi, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Last week we let you know the first five of the Top Ten Tuesday Tip Video Clips of 2015. Let’s keep it rolling. Drum roll please.

The Number Five Tuesday Tip Video Clip of 2015 is…
Resize Photos Before Upload by Greg Gifford
This detailed tip discusses how SEO efforts reach to even as far as how you use the photos on your site. (more…)

Top Ten Tuesday Tip Video Clips of 2015 – Part 1

Top Ten Tuesday Tip Video Clips of 2015

Video Transcript
Hi, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Well 2015 is almost over and it seems like 2016 is fast approaching. It’s our attempt each week to give you actionable information that you can use to maximize your dealership’s web experience and to help you learn a little about SEO along the way.

Without further adieu, here are the top Ten AutoRevo Tuesday Tip Video Clips. You can find the links to these videos in the description section below. Drumroll Please.

The Number Ten Tuesday Tip Video Clip of 2015 is…
Google’s Mobile Update on April 21st by Greg Gifford.
In this video, Greg breaks down the mobilegeddon update that rolled out in April.

The Number Nine Tuesday Tip Video Clip of 2015 is…
VDP Photos – Thumbnails or Big ‘uns? by Greg Gifford
In this clip, Greg discusses which size is best for your Vehicle Details Page. (more…)