Switching Your Website Provider


Video Transcript
What if every couple of years you had to move your entire business to a new location just to keep up with the needs of your customers? You’d have to move your inventory, your showroom, your employees, and your entire operations just when you were getting settled. It would be hard staying organized and admit it, there’s a great likelihood that some things would be lost. But with all of the potential problems with moving, the question remains, if your customers demanded it, would you do it? Believe it or not, you already are.

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. So you might be thinking, “I know I’m not moving my business every few years and there is no demand for me to do so.” Welp, you’re wrong. Well, not totally wrong but your customers are demanding that you keep your website up current with their demands. If you think your clunky old website and website provider are still servicing your clientele, you might be wrong. With technology constantly changing and the internet driving the evolution, you need to be changing with it. I hear from many dealers saying that they’d love a new website or want to change providers, but they don’t want to go through the hassle. Here are few tips to help when you’re ready to make a change.

First, make sure you’re getting a responsive site with speed. The “Mobile-First” mindset is key when operating any business online, but it does you no good if your mobile optimize site is slow. While having a responsive site is a must, it won’t help you if your customers are leaving it before it loads. To truly be “Mobile First”, speed is just as important as design.

Second make sure you or your provider places redirects. There’s no use in moving providers or building a new website if all of the old links and referrals to your website are broken. You can lose your rankings and it’s bad for user experience if a ton of pages sudden land on 404 pages. Make sure you have redirects covered before going live. Any good website provider will cover those for you.

Last make sure your website provider is focused on innovation. You can save yourself a lot of stress and heartache if your provider is staying on top of these demands for you. It’s your job to sell your product, so you should be focused on that. If your website provider isn’t evolving and keeping up, you’re going to need to dump them. That’s it for this week’s tip so we’ll see you next week. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.