2018: Year in Review Newsletter

2018 has been an amazing and transformative year for AutoRevo and its customers. We have a special team of dedicated employees that are 100% focused to help our dealers succeed. I thought I would take a moment to share all of the great things that have been rolled out and insight as to what is on the roadmap.

2018 Products available now:

calendar icon

ShowUp – Appointment Setting with texting confirmation direct to the customer. From either inside of your Autorevo account or from your Autorevo website (includes mobile website) customers and dealers can now schedule appointments and test drives instantly. It connects directly with your calendar and will show all available time slots. More about ShowUp…

google partner icon

Gsuite – AutoRevo is now a Google Partner and is deeply integrating into the Google API’s. We can now deploy website, email, calendaring, maps, analytics, and documents as a part of your AutoRevo account. More about G-Suite…

callsource partnership

CallSource Partnership – Call Tracking has been an important part of measuring ROI and training for dealers for many years. AutoRevo has integrated the CallSource call tracking, Caller ID, Recorded calls, and Reporting directly into the Autorevo platform. This product allows our dealers to report at a 50,000-foot view, down to the ability at the individual level. More about CallSource…

desking icon

QuickDesk – This product allows dealers to Text and/or Email customers in seconds, the out the door price including TTL. This beautifully designed marketing piece allows the consumer to build confidence in the buying process. More about QuickDesk…

carfax partnership

CARFAX Enhancements – CARFAX has been a great partner since the beginning of AutoRevo in 2004. We have built in CARFAX Snapshot, CARFAX Value Badging, and CARFAX Wholesale and Retail values. We have more great things coming in 2019, so be on the lookout.More about CARFAX Snapshot…

craigslist logo

Craigslist Enhancements – Autorevo was an early adopter of Craigslist marketing and in the last few months, we reinvested in our product. To ensure ease of use we have deployed the Craiglist API. This new functionality is a direct connection to over 120 major markets and allows us to bypass many steps that are required when posting manually. More about Craigslist Automation…

vms updates

AutoRevo Redesign – Our redesign was the first step to fulfilling our promise made earlier this year. Being customer focused means we have to always think about how dealers engage with our platform. With hundreds of features and products, we will continue to develop software that is simple and easy to use. We are devoted to giving our dealers and their customers the best experience in the market. More about AutoRevo VMS…

bug fixes

Bugs & Fixes – We have squished and fixed hundreds of bugs over the last year but we know there will always be more to do.

Coming Soon:

  • Facebook Marketplace!
  • Revamped Dealer websites with a ton of new features.
  • Exciting new integrations
  • New in-depth reporting
  • Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Voice of the Dealer:

I would love to hear your ideas and feedback on how we can do better. Our commitment to you is to be Customer First, Customer Focused. Please take a minute and email me your thoughts, ideas, concerns, or suggestions to bill.berry@autorevo.com

From our Family to yours, Have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to a GREAT 2019 together!

Bill Berry
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General Manager