Are Your Tagging Your Site?

Are You Tagging Your Site?

Video Transcript Are you absolutely certain where your website traffic is coming from? If you blast out 60 thousand emails, are you confident you can track the success of the campaign? What about display advertising on other websites or social media? Are you tracking this stuff or are you just throwing away money?

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. So, I’m wondering… Were you confident in your answers? If you weren’t, it’s ok I’m here to help. There are two easy things you can start doing today to track the PPC, display, email and other campaigns you’re using to drive traffic to your site. The first method is “auto-tagging”. This only works for PPC through adwords, but what it does is “tag” the URLs that your ads are using to link to your site. When someone clicks on an ad, it will take them to your website but it will add or “tag” the url with additional information. This information is sent to Google Analytics to tell you which AdWords keywords brought a visitor to your site, which campaign that keyword was from, and how much that click cost. All very useful information when calculating the ROI of your Adwords campaign.

Another way to do this is “manual tagging” your url. With a URL builder, like this one from Google, you can use UTM codes to manually track things like: Source, Medium, Name, Content and Terms. Identifying your source is helpful as it tags the site that is referring the traffic. Medium, for example, can be the type of referrer, like CPC, Organic, email or social. For the name, that’s simple, that’s the name of your product. Content would be your category or ad group. And Term tracks the paid keywords used to find the ad. So which one do you use? I suggest starting with auto-tagging if you’re solely using Adwords for your PPC. But if you’re display ads, social media, email campaigns or others, try to use manual-tagging to get the most data and let us know how it works. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask the experts here at AutoRevo by giving us a call or leaving a comment in the comment section below.