How to Spot an SEO Scam


Video Transcript

Pssstt. Hey, over here. You need SEO? I’ve got some right here. I’ll get you top of the page, number one, no problem. Yeah, my kid nephew does it all,uh he knows computers. How much? I’ll take whatever you’ve got! Hundred bucks a month. Yeah yeah. Number one spot, like 4000 more hits to your website, we do it all. Just give us a few days and we’ll get you right up there. Alright… what you do you say?
Wow, do you know how to spot an SEO Scam?

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. There are a lot of shady SEO scams out there that unfortunately, people fall for all of the time. Frankly it gives some of us good SEOs a bad name. I’m here to help with a few things too look out for that are sure signs of an SEO Scam.

First, any guarantee of the number one position on search engines is a red flag. With over 200 ranking factors for search, there are so many things going into that number one spot, a guarantee is a flat out lie. With the constant changes in search results, be wary of anyone who doesn’t want to use a tangible metric, like traffic from search or conversions to define the success of their work for you.

Second, SEO is not overnight so be aware of the timeframe they’re promising results in. It often takes months to get tangible results in traffic, and stable results in SERPs. If some says it’ll only take a few weeks to get you on top, they’re either lying or doing something that you’ll likely get penalized for.

Third, it takes an expert to successfully run an SEO Campaign. Knowing where to look for algorithm changes, what tools to use and what SEO Guru to trust is just as important as what links are built or what content is created. A good SEO needs experience to achieve SEO enlightenment.

Lastly, when you consider all that SEO entails: that it takes time, requires an expert and and that number one spot isn’t guaranteed, you can then understand that it’s a far bigger commitment than just a few hours a month. If you’re going to rely on an expert, then it’s going to cost more than a few hundred a month to get you there.

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