AutoRevo’s Game-Changing Mobile App for Powersports


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In 2008 AutoRevo became the first company in the industry to offer a mobile app for complete inventory marketing solutions. The often imitated app was a game changer for dealers allowing for the first time dealers to manage inventory from their smartphone. 8 years later, AutoRevo is changing the game again. (more…)

Paid Versus Organic: Which Works for Your Dealership?


How does a website get to the first page of a Google search? Why is that such an important goal? These are intriguing questions for a company that places a premium on driving potential customers to their site. According to a 2014 study, once a customer is on a company’s site, there is about a 2% chance on average that they will do business with that company. (more…)

Local Targeting from Global Reach

Hey guys, I’m traveling this week to Las Vegas for Pubcon and then to Orlando for the AIMExpo but I didn’t want to leave you hanging so here’s my presentation from my session this morning at Pubcon. It’s aim is to show you how granular and easy it is to target locally using Facebook’s Power Editor.  For tons of great tips from the SEO/SEM industry’s best minds, follow the #Pubcon hashtag on Twitter. If you guys have any questions, or would like a copy of this powerpoint, feel free to leave a comment or email directly. See you guys next week!

Google’s New Review Changes


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Google announced a month ago that they were going to start including “Reviews from the Web” in local search results and about a week ago we started seeing them in branded searches for auto dealerships. Now customers don’t have to take the extra steps to find out about your reputation as a dealer, because it’s right there on the first page. My questions to you are, “How well do you manage your reputation online? And how well do you handle a bad review?” (more…)

Switching Your Website Provider


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What if every couple of years you had to move your entire business to a new location just to keep up with the needs of your customers? You’d have to move your inventory, your showroom, your employees, and your entire operations just when you were getting settled. It would be hard staying organized and admit it, there’s a great likelihood that some things would be lost. But with all of the potential problems with moving, the question remains, if your customers demanded it, would you do it? Believe it or not, you already are. (more…)

Car Dealer Tips for Craigslist


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With a billion pageviews a day, mighty Craigslist is the undisputed king of the classified world. And it’s still one of the best places to sell cars even though it now costs dealers a little bit of money. Although Craigslist’s decision to charge car dealers for their posts seemed like they were targeting the industry as a whole, they’ve actually helped filter out the spammers and over-posters, to help deliver what the user wants: a vetted list of inventory from dealers they can trust. Now I know posting your full inventory a couple of times a month is costly but I encourage you start using Craigslist if you aren’t already. I mean, if your customers are there, you should be too right? I’m not here to help you waste money, but to help make you money so here a few tips that can help you use when you’re posting on Craigslist. (more…)

5 Mistakes your PPC Provider is Making


Do you hate wasting money? Heck yeah, you do. I do too. In fact, it’s something that keeps me up at night. For years, as an SEO expert, I have been telling dealers what strategies some PPC providers have been using that waste their hard earned money. Here are just a few mistakes I have routinely come across.

Not Deep Linking

When you’re paying for each click, you want the customer to land on a page with related content and an easy way to contact you. Custom landing pages are an excellent way to guide customers to conversions. Creating simple pages with detailed information, a short contact form and a clearly visible phone number, leaves no question of what you want the customer to do. (more…)

Using Free Classifieds for Car Dealers


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If you’re a good auto dealer, and I know you are, you’re likely spending a lot of money and time pick your inventory, staging and marketing it. But are you putting your vehicles in every possible place the customer is going to look? More specifically, are you utilizing the huge network of classifieds, free or paid, to market your inventory? And most importantly, are you taking the time to write great descriptions to attract the searchers? If are, awesome. If you aren’t, you’re wasting your time and money. (more…)

inLine Mobile App by AutoRevo


inLine Mobile App by AutoRevo

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Are you sick of having to lug your desktop computer around everywhere just to get work done? Do you feel like you have to be at the dealership to get any work done? Don’t you wish you could manage your dealership from anywhere? Your wish is our command. Introducing AutoRevo’s InLine Mobile App. Everything you need to manage your dealership, from appraisals to marking vehicles sold, in the palm of your hand. (more…)

How Important Is PageSpeed?


How Important is PageSpeed

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Remember the old dial up days when images would load one line at a time? I guess we were all used to waiting for the internet back then because we were not yet accustomed to the instantly-gratifying world wide web we have now. Frankly, these days the internet is about speed. Heck, even our cellphones are connected to the internet and its 33 times faster than the standard 56k modem of 15 years ago. So what does this mean for your website? (more…)