Download our FREE Vehicle Photos Guide

download our free vehicle photos guide

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – It’s a common saying, and it’s true about the auto industry too. Your vehicle photos are your most important sales tool, yet so many dealers don’t put much effort into them. Statistics show that customers look online before they ever set foot on a car lot, so the pictures are basically a virtual test drive.

Are you putting your best foot forward with your pictures? Are you using good lighting? Are the pictures appealing? Do you have enough pictures posted? You can’t be lazy with your vehicle photos – your competitors are taking great pictures, so you should be too.


Getting The Most Out Of eBay And Craigslist

Getting the most out of eBay Motors and Craigslist

(this is an article I wrote for AutoSuccess magazine that originally ran on February 12, 2012)

Everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who sold 100 cars a month with eBay and Craigslist. But if you were hoping all you had to do was throw a bunch of inventory online and wait for urban legend greatness to immortalize you, I’ve got bad news… We know a guy who talked to that guy, and he said there are no silver bullets. Forget about “set it and forget it” – “Plug and play” is a loser’s game.

You need your own plan, starting with asking yourself the hard questions: Do you have a method that works on eBay? What is your Craigslist strategy? Have you tested your strategies recently to see if they could work better? Do you understand the latest rules/TOS (terms of service) for the sites you’re posting to? Bottom line: Have you done your homework? (more…)

The BEST Craigslist Car Ad… EVER!

Joe Strachila and his childhood friend, Kyle Miller, two individuals in Seattle, have done what every car dealer in the country has tried to do for years… Last week, they posted the greatest Craigslist car ad – EVER.

The ad is for a 1995 teal Pontiac Grand Am, marked down from $199,999 to just $700. The ad promises that driving the car will be “better than your last four romantic encounters… combined.” The ad goes on to explain how the owner tried to be manly enough to handle such a flawless car:

“I grew my beard to unreasonable lengths, trimmed my fingers with belt sander, ate nothing but lumber for six straight days and knocked a polar bear unconscious. The car chuckled at my failed attempt at manliness, and became so bloated with testosterone that it literally blew a head gasket.”


Download Our Exclusive Coupons and Specials Guide

AutoRevo coupons and specials brief

Learn some tips and tricks for moving aged inventory and generating repeat business with our exclusive Coupons and Specials Brief. We wrote this brief to help dealers learn the best way to utilize coupons and specials on their website to help sell more cars, and to sell them faster. We also talk about how to capitalize on market trends (like the rising price of gasoline) to create a marketing opportunity for your dealership.


6 Tips To Supercharge Your Google Places Page

6 Tips to Supercharge your Google Places page

You’ve probably seen those shows on cable where designers flip a trashed out house or they take a normal garage and turn it into a luxurious “man-cave.” With just a little bit of time, they take ordinary spaces and make them flashy and incredible… and you can do the same thing for your Google Places page. Most car dealers have a Google Places page now, so you’ve got to do everything you can to make your Places page outshine your competitors. With just a little effort, your Google Places page will be more visible, bring you more business, and completely blow away your competitors.

How Long Does It Take For Google Places Updates?

How long does it take for Google Places Updates?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from dealers when they’re updating and optimizing their Google Places pages. We did some digging and some asking around, and we finally found an official list of update times from Vanessa, who works on the Google Places team.

This list shows the typical turnaround times, but keep in mind that these could change in the future if Google makes any big updates to the system. But let’s not delay any more… here’s the list:

Social Sharing Sells Cars

Social Sharing Sells Cars

Last week, Sociable Labs released a report on social engagement and how it relates to online shopping. The data is pretty eye-opening, especially for dealers who have resisted Facebook because “they just don’t use it” or “they don’t think it’s worth it.”

For automotive shoppers who use the Internet for research and also log in to Facebook at least once a month:

1 in 4 automotive shoppers made a vehicle or service department purchase based on social recommendations


Inbound Marketing Stats – Our Presentation from IDS12

Mind-blowing Internet Marketing Stats

Our “dashing” V.P. of Sales Bill Berry spoke last week at the Innovative Dealer Summit 2012 in Denver, Colorado. He covered a simple, three-part marketing strategy that helps auto dealers draw in qualified customers when they’re actively engaged in the purchase cycle. This speaking engagement is the latest in our series of educational outreach efforts for auto dealers – we want to help as many dealers as we can to be more efficient and successful online.

For everyone who wasn’t able to head to Denver for the Summit, we’ve included Bill’s slides. Check them out, the stats really are mind-blowing… and feel free to share these slides with your friends and colleagues in the industry.

AutoRevo’s SEO Team – Official Rockstar Status

For those who might not have already heard, AutoRevo’s very own Greg Gifford and Owen Nwanze have accepted leadership positions with two of Dallas’ most prominent internet marketing organizations – the DFWSEM and the Social Media Club of Dallas, respectively.

Greg, our Director of Search & Social, has been an active member of DFWSEM since 2010. As one of the DFWSEM’S newest board members, Greg’s duties will include reaching out to his network of peers, experts, and leaders to coordinate speaking and educational opportunities at future DFWSEM events.


Office Prank With 3,000 Dixie Cups

Our VP of Sales was out of town for a few days recently, and continuing in our grand tradition, we pranked his office while he was gone. We used 3,000 Dixie Cups, a few packets of Crystal Light, several bags of packing peanuts, and 3,000 feet of plastic wrap. Check out the video below for the setup and reaction…