Specials and Coupons

Customers are coming to your website to look for a good deal on a vehicle, so specials and coupons will attract more attention and increase your chances of conversion. Coupons and specials are managed from the same easy-to-use back end application that you use to edit your website and manage your inventory.

Integrated Vehicle Specials

Vehicles can be assigned to a special as soon as they’re entered into the AutoRevo system. Custom specials icons are attached to the vehicle to help it stand out on your inventory listing page, and the vehcile will automatically appear on a filtered specials inventory page. Customizable text callouts appear whenever a customer rolls over the custom icon, helping to capture further interest from potential buyers.

Create unlimited specials with our easy-to-use system. AutoRevo makes it simple to create as many custom specials as you want, such as Internet Specials, Finance Specials, Showroom Specials, Service Specials, Parts Specials, and anything else you can imagine.

Pop-up Coupons

Coupons can be created using our user-friendly back end system, using any of our stock designs. With just a few extra clicks, a custom background can be uploaded to create a truly unique coupon. Coupons can be attached to any page of the site or the entire website, appearing in a modal window as soon as a customer reaches that page.

The AutoRevo system makes it easy to create unlimited coupons and attach them to multiple pages. The system includes multiple coupon background graphics, or you can take advantage of our creative services and get our Design Team to design a unique set of custom coupons for your dealer website.