AutoRevo’s Internship Program

If you are a college student or a recent graduate, finding a job in your chosen field can be one of the hardest things that you will ever do.

Most places will require experience to get even an entry-level position. But how do you get that experience if no one will hire you without experience? It’s the oldest catch-22 in the book.

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Here at AutoRevo, we can sympathize. This is why we’ve created a paid internship program. You can make some money while gaining valuable experience toward landing the job of your dreams.

We offer our internship program in the following areas of our business:

Search Engine Optimization/Digital Marketing/Social Media

Are you interested in helping businesses show up higher in search engine rankings? Or helping drive more business to their website and through their door? Then check out our SEO and Digital Marketing internship. We give you access to the latest tools and digital marketing practices to help get you the experience you need. You will help our car dealers dominate the Google rankings, get more leads, and sell more vehicles than ever before, all while earning both money and experience.

Website Design

You will work hand-in-hand with our Design team, helping design and maintain cutting-edge car dealer websites on our proprietary platform. You will assist in designing aesthetically pleasing car dealer sites that are full lead magnets. You will learn to work within our system, honing and crafting websites for both industry-leading speed and responsiveness.


Do you feel you’re decent at sales? Do you want to be even better? Then check out the sales arm of our internship program. We partner you will an accomplished salesperson to show you the ins and outs of selling websites, and marketing services, to car dealers. We show you how to sell to people who spend their whole day selling to others.

Support/Customer Service

You will work with our exceptional support and account management teams to gain insight into what car dealers want and need. You will learn to almost anticipate issues and solve them quickly. You will learn troubleshooting methods to help identify and solve issues at a very rapid pace. You will learn our Vehicle Management System, in and out, and be able to help dealers fix issues and stay happy. Happy dealers sell more cars.

If you have interest in our AutoRevo paid internship program, then please give us a call at (972) 715-8600, send an email to (with a subject line of “AutoRevo Internship”), or fill out the form on this page.