The AutoRevo Management Team

Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts, Owner and President

The partnership that originally started AutoRevo included a developer, a businessman, and a dealer; that dealer was Randy Roberts. A successful multi-hyphenate, Randy now runs the company without his former partners.

When Randy took over as President of AutoRevo, he immediately implemented changes to improve the products and services the company offered. A dealer himself, he strives to make every move at AutoRevo about its customers and constantly pushes for even better customer service and the most advanced product offerings.

Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts, Vice President, Operations

Ken joined the team in 2015, bringing with him the experience of running a car dealership, what dealers need, and is also the brains behind DealerDoc

Nick Chewning

Nick Chewning, Director of Technology

Nick has more than 15 years of experience in IT and customer relations, and has spent countless hours trying to merge the two fields. As the VP of Technology, he now manages the AutoRevo infrastructure to keep our services running. He joined AutoRevo in 2011 and has been working ever since to improve the strength of our company, products we offer, and the service we provide to our valued dealers.

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George Keith, Director of Search and Social

Barry Powell, Director of Websites