Dealer Training – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Sometimes you want to watch the entire Godfather trilogy, and sometimes you just want to fast forward to your favorite scene in one of the movies. It all depends on how much time you have and what you want to see. This is why we’re proud to offer both short training videos, and hour-long training sessions with our Dealer Trainer, Zach.

We understand that most dealers are more comfortable with a personal guided tour around the AutoRevo vehicle management system, or VMS. This is why we brought Zach on board. He has years of on-the-lot experience, and used to work for a dealer that uses our software. He knows both sides of the story… He understands dealerships because he worked at one, and he understands how to use the AutoRevo VMS through and through.

Zach can answer all your questions, and if he can’t, he knows exactly who to talk to in order to get an answer for you. He leads hour-long dealer training sessions every week. If you can find the time, we definitely recommend attending, all from the comfort of your own computer.

Maybe, though, you don’t have an hour to spare this week, but you still have a quick question about the VMS. Check out our training videos, available in AutoRevo University. These videos are available anytime and are short, easy to understand, and full of helpful info. To get to these training videos, log in to AutoRevo, then click on the University link on the top right of your VMS screen. On the next screen, you’ll see topics on the left: AutoRevo 101 and PowerSites. Just choose a topic, then choose a video.

Have a question that isn’t yet answered in our AutoRevo University training videos? Tell us! Leave a comment below, or let Zach know, and we’ll get your question answered and get a new training video made for other dealers who might have your question, too.

AutoRevo training videos and training sessions – we know your time is valuable. And we promise there won’t be any horse heads.

Virtual high five – you just learned something new. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you next week.