Drive Foot Traffic to Your Dealership


Drive Foot Traffic to Your Dealership

Video Transcript Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Last week we discussed four ways to drive traffic to your website. This week we’ll talk about how you can drive foot traffic to your dealership.

The first thing you can do to drive foot traffic to your dealership is to host a community service event. Charities, hospitals and blood banks are always looking for local businesses to host toy drives, blood drives, and food and clothing drives. Obviously the traffic created won’t be there to buy a car… initially. This kind of event not only builds your brand in the community but also gives people the opportunity to see your inventory as well as any additional services you offer. Make sure you utilize social media to maximize your exposure, after all some of the highest engagement we’ve seen with dealerships are when you participate in events like this.

The second thing you can do to increase foot traffic is put your inventory out in the community. Look for highly populated areas and events and partner with them by putting select vehicles in the spotlight. Whether it be local sporting events or a shopping mall during the holiday season, you can take advantage of high-traffic areas to place your product. Displaying vehicles with window stickers in these areas can plant the seed with those who may not be looking for a new car now, but interested in the latest models or deals that may be offered. Any opportunity to put your inventory and brand in front of a large group of people is an opportunity to drive foot traffic at a later date.

The third thing you can do to bring additional foot traffic to your dealership is to offer a special or discount to those who visit your business. Try offering a free gift with a test drive or a discount for simply showing up. This can go a long way with the stewardship of your dealership. Heck, people love things for free and it will go a long way with your customers if they feel like they are getting something for nothing.

The final thing you can do to drive foot traffic is partner with a local school. Is there a college in your town or a few local high schools? Chances are that the local high school offers drivers education. This can be a great opportunity to put your brand in front of potential customers that will likely need a new car very soon. Perhaps your dealership can provide a free maintenance course for first-time drivers. If there’s a college in your town, you can offer student discounts. After all, what student doesn’t need a little financial break from time to time.

Driving foot traffic to your dealership is what will be driving the success of your business. Let us know what you if any these work for you or if you have any other ideas and as usual, leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.