A New Industry Leader Has Emerged

Unmatched PageSpeed

In the past few weeks, we’ve given you some tips and tricks to help speed up your site and announced the release of our new SuperSonic site platform, with the fastest PageSpeed in the automotive sphere.  We leveraged studies on the matter letting you know how much page load time is affecting your bottom line and how every second of loading time counts.

Perhaps the biggest deal, other than customers bouncing away from your slow website, is that Google uses your site’s speed as a ranking factor. Which could mean that if your site isn’t fast enough, people searching Google for used cars in your area may not be seeing your site at all.

Industry Leading Security

Google has announced that this month, they will be releasing an update to the Chrome browser which will mark all sites without an SSL Certificate as “Not Secure.” To put it simply, an SSL Certificate is technology that encrypts your customer’s data. All data going back and forth between the browsers and web servers are private and secure.  So no more of this:

And lots more of this:

Think about it, which site would you rather visit?

I know what you’re thinking, “Well, that’s only for the Chrome browser and I live and die by Firefox.” Well, while this update may not affect you, or your Internet Explorer using brethren right now, similar updates are on the horizon for you as well. Besides, Google Chrome is currently the most utilized browser, possessing just north of 59% of the total market share.

Can you really afford to scare nearly 2/3 of potential customers away with an insecure website?

AutoRevo Has You Covered!

With our new SuperSonic site platform, plus our SSL Certificates, we have secured our place on the cutting edge of the automotive industry. With our industry-leading PageSpeed and unassailable security, we will have you crushing Google and your competitors in no time.

If you’re ever in doubt, just remember this formula, “Fast + Secure = AutoRevo“, and you’ll never go wrong.

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