Flaunting Fonts: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fonts on Your Website


Flaunting Fonts: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fonts on Your Website

Sure, it’s nice to use some custom fonts and colorful text to draw a user’s attention to your content, but did you know that some fonts and styling you use can affect the overall user experience which in turn could be bad for SEO? Yes folks, it’s true. While you can use some custom fonts, you typically want to stay with standard web or Google fonts. Some fonts can even affect the page loading time, which Google and other search engines see, and in turn, drop the rankings of these sites due to long loading time.

While you may want to use some hot pink text with Comic Sans, many search engines that crawl your site understand the user experience of your website and will bump you down if it isn’t user friendly. It helps to use a standard web or Google font as they are optimized to load faster (or not load at all, because the font is already on your system). On top of that, someone who is looking to buy a customized big bore motorcycle, will most likely not be impressed with a font that looks like it belongs on a day care website.

It is also important you make sure that the links you use in your text stand out apart from the text. For the user to be able to discern what they can and cannot click on affects the overall user experience of your site. You don’t want to have that clickable link the same color or for example, no underline beneath the text where users have no idea that if they were to click on that snippet, they could receive a free T-Shirt for filling out a survey.

Also some fonts you may want to use on your page may not even show up correctly on some devices. With the wide array of devices someone could be viewing your website on Windows 10, and someone could be viewing your website on a Linux based OS or even a Nintendo Wii. According to an article on SEO.com¹, “As with the range of available operating systems, browsers, screens, and settings, all of which can alter the way a web page is displayed, there is variation in the fonts that viewers have installed on their computers. Consequently, choosing a particular font does not guarantee that your text will actually display in this font to all of your users.”

Since user experience is key, you want to be sure that the fonts and colors you use are easy to read, formatted in a way that all the information is accessible, and that any links are easy to pinpoint for users to continue on your site and keep their interests in your brand and products. Let’s keep silly comic fonts and hot pink text to the olden days of the internet when dancing baby animations and under construction signs ruled the web.


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