Get More Mobile Conversions with Simple Contact Forms

Mobile users and desktop users have different behavior, so your site needs to adapt the experience to each device – especially on a responsive site. We see car dealers frame in their insanely long financing form on a responsive site and it just ends up looking terrible on mobile; it also negatively impacts mobile financing conversions.

Check out this video to see how you can get more mobile conversions with simple contact form on your financing page.

Video Transcript:

Mobile users and desktop users are looking for different things, so why does your responsive site show or link to a lengthy credit application? Most mobile users don’t want to go through a form with 15 plus fields or 5 separate pages to get through the financing app. Don’t make your users work harder than they need to – and it can result in more leads.

For screen sizes below a certain threshold, display a simple version of the credit form that just gets the essential information you need to contact your clients; that will most likely be first name, last name, phone or email. We’ve seen that adding a simple credit form to a financing page resulted in a significant increase in mobile financing conversions.

If you’re worried about taking the full financing off completely, you should be. You should still include a link to the full credit app for people who want to give it a go below a certain screen sizes. Even though you want to get more leads with the simple contact form on the financing page – you don’t want to restrict the users’ ability to complete the full application.

Another quick tip, try to add a custom thank you page wherever you can to help increase time on site and help guide the user through to the next most logical page – for example, you wouldn’t want to show a financing button on the thank you page for someone who just filled out a financing form, but you could add a similar vehicles widget to the thank you page – or include a little bit of content about your financing terms if they just filled out a financing form off a VDP.

That wraps it up. As always, if you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you again next week.