Google My Business Phone Support – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

It’s notoriously hard to claim your Google My Business listing (what used to be called Google Places). You’ve got to get Google to mail you a postcard with a PIN, then you have to log back in, enter the PIN, and finally claim your page. Unfortunately, it seems like the cards always get tossed out with the junk mail, or sometimes never show up.

If you’re having problems claiming your Google My Business page, you should use Google’s phone support. Watch this week’s video and learn how…


Hey, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. This week’s tip is a short one, but it’s going to help a ton of you with some pretty big headaches.

We all know how important Google is to being successful, and if you’re lucky enough to show up in a “map pack”, you know how much that boosts your business. We always hear from dealers that they have tons of problems just claiming their listing in Google My Business (what used to be called Google Places). Back in the day, you could usually get lucky and verify ownership with a phone call, but nowadays, you’ve got to get Google to send you a postcard with a PIN that you have to go back to Google and enter.

The problem is, far too often the card gets tossed out with all the junk you get every day, or sometimes doesn’t even show up. And thanks to the turnover in our industry, sometimes your last Internet Manager might have had the login, but now that he’s gone, you have no idea how to get into your listing.

So today’s tip is going to solve all of those headaches for you. Google offers phone support – so you can jump on the phone with an actual human that really knows how to help. Now the form’s kinda hard to find, so you’ll just want to use this URL:

When you get to the form, just click “contact us”, then click “call us”, then fill out your information and click “call me”. Within a few seconds, someone will call you and help you with your problems!

Don’t you wish everything else on Google was this easy? Virtual high five – you just learned something new! As always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.