Google’s Mobile Update on April 21st

Google is going to roll out an update to how websites are ranked in mobile searches on April 21, 2015. Our customers have nothing to worry about, but other dealers are calling us and asking about the update… This week’s video covers what’s coming with the update, which sites will be penalized, and how to tell if your site is safe. If you’re worried about Mobilegeddon, you’ll definitely want to watch.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hey there, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. This week, we’re talking about mobile. You may not have heard, but Google is rolling out a huge algorithm update on April 21st that will affect how sites show up in mobile searches.

Now, unfortunately, some providers are using this as an excuse to call dealers and scare them into switching over. Yep, it’s shady… but some people are like that. They call dealers and tell them that if they don’t have a responsive website by the 21st, they won’t show up in Google any more. That’s just not the case.

Let’s set the record straight here. Yes, Google is rolling out an update that will have an effect on how sites rank – but that effect is completely isolated to mobile searches. Even if you don’t have a mobile solution, you’ll still continue to show up in desktop searches.

Google has suggested that responsive site designs are the way to go – but that doesn’t mean that you have to have a responsive site to not get hit by the update. The update is targeting sites that have a bad mobile experience. If you’ve got an adaptive site, or even a separate mobile site, you’ll still be OK.

There are two ways to check to see if your site will be ok – First, you can check Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool. Just head over to and enter your URL. The tool will crawl your site and then tell you if you’re mobile friendly or not.

Second, you can just pull out your phone and do a search for your dealership’s name. Directly under your link, it will say “Mobile-friendly” if your site is a mobile friendly site.

If your site passes either test, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. If your site fails either test, you’ll want to talk to your website provider and get a mobile solution in place as soon as possible, or you might lose a lot of mobile traffic come April 21st.

Virtual high five – you just learned something new. As always, if you have questions or comments, leave them down below. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.