Understanding the Craigslist Beast

This is our ultimate dealers’ guide to using Craigslist. We’ve stuffed it with best practices and instructions on how to avoid getting on Craigslist’s bad side, and we included an entire section with step-by-step instructions for posting to the “cars/trucks by dealer” section of Craigslist. Download the guide by clicking the icon below:


Understanding the (Craigslist) Beast

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How to Show up in Local Searches


How to Shoot Your Vehicle


What to Look For in a Website Provider


Make Your Website Stand Out


Dealer Website Design Tips


How to Brand Your Dealership


How to Build Buyer Confidence



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How to Stage Your Vehicle


The Dealer’s Guide to Automotive SEO


How to Make the Most of eBay Motors


How to Price Your Vehicles


More Ways to Use Video


How to Monitor Your Competitors