How to Choose the Right Keywords to Target

How to Choose the Right Keywords for your Car Dealer Website

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to another tuesday tip video clip. We’re going back to basics today with a quick overview of how to do keyword research.

First, evaluate your dealership’s inventory. Identify the types of vehicles you regularly have the most and take note of price ranges. You might be asking yourself, “why does the price of my cars matter for keyword research?” Well, a large number of dealer groups are enamored with targeting only keywords with the largest search volume. This is a great strategy… until it no longer accurately reflects your inventory and site content.

So, even though it looks really tempting to target the keyword phrase “cheap used cars for sale” because of the search volume, if all of your used cars are more than $10,000, then you’re wasting your time trying to optimize for it. Even if you do rank well for “cheap used cars”, users aren’t going to be happy landing on a site with only high-priced CPO vehicles.

Moving on. You’ve evaluated the inventory and took note of price range, now we need to go crazy on keywords.

There are numerous tools that dealers can use to get keyword ideas and test keywords, but we’ll just discuss Google’s Keyword Planner for now. Go to the “Google Keyword Planner”, login to your Google account, select “Find New Keywords” and start rapid-firing keywords related to your business and city. Start with the big boy keywords like used cars plus city, city used cars, cars for sale in city, car dealers in city, etc…then start narrowing down the keywords you want to target based upon what is relevant to your business.

So, don’t go after “buy here, pay here” customers if you aren’t a BHPH dealer – you can certainly still target terms related to bad credit buyers, but don’t go after phrases that don’t really represent what your site and business offer. We see too many dealers trying to focus on ranking for every phrase under the sun instead of focusing on the phrases that are backed by their site content, inventory, or existing strategy.

Another quick tip for Local Search, be realistic about ranking in the map pack for multiple cities. Analyze the SERPs for your desired keywords and see if any other car dealers in your city are ranking in the pack 2 towns over. For some metro areas, it certainly happens, but for others the competition is simply too fierce. So, it might be best to focus on dominating your metro area before trying to take over the world.

Well, that about wraps it up. As always, if you have any comments, leave them below and we’ll see you next week.