How to Get More Google Reviews

Tried everything to get more Google reviews? Considered some of those shady dealer tactics like setting up a reviews kiosk? You’ve been doing it wrong. Watch our latest tip video to learn how you can do more to get a natural review Google review profile.

Google reviews are a local ranking signal, so it’s always best to get as many natural reviews possible. You don’t ever want to incentivize the review process, but we can help you change the way you interact with your customers to get them more enthused about reviewing your dealership.

Video Transcript

Is your dealership’s Google My Business page overflowing with natural Google reviews? There’s a ton of shady tactics dealers use to juice Google reviews, but getting more natural Google reviews is quick and painless. Natural Google reviews help local rankings, so we’re going to focus on those. First, build a reviews page that gives customers detailed instructions on how to leave reviews on Google. Include steps that guide users from Google account sign-up to leaving a review and include a link to your verified GMB page. Second, design a flyer or postcard including the reviews page URL. Make the postcard match your dealership’s branding. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, but make it professional and very clear about how to get to the reviews page. Third (and this is the most important step), you have to change the way you and your team talk to your customers about reviews. The most common thing I hear a say is “Please leave us a review, we would really appreciate it.” Remind your customers why reviews are truly important – it isn’t to help the dealership. Customer reviews are for your customers’ community, friends and family, and future car buyers. Good or bad, customers leave more reviews when they feel like a friend or family member could affected. So, instead of mentioning how much the dealership would appreciate a review, encourage your customers to help other users make a more informed decision. Good or bad. Well, that about wraps it up. As always, if you have any comments, leave them down below. We’ll see you next week.