Market Insights: How To Stage and Photograph Your Vehicles


Dealer's Guide to Vehicle Photography - AutoRevo

A bunch of new inventory has just been delivered to the lot and you’re eager to get it online and sold.

You know you need pictures so what’s your next step? Do you toss it on the website with a bunch of stock photos and hope for the best?

Or maybe you send someone outside to snap a few quick photos with their cell phone and use those?

Our latest free white paper, “How to Stage and Photograph Your Vehicles” answers these questions and gives you a wealth of car photo tips. Think of it as AutoRevo’s car photography tutorial for 2018.


What’s the best location to shoot your vehicles?

How many pictures should I take for each vehicle?

What is the best type of weather to take pictures of my cars?


Whether you’re a veteran of photographing cars for dealerships or a newbie with a cell phone, this white paper is for you. We even give you the exact photos that you will need to perfectly showcase your vehicles and get them sold as fast as possible, from the basic drivers-side front angle photo to the content shots of the vehicle’s DVD and navigation systems.

Guided Photos Feature

Once you’ve had a chance to look through the white paper if you still want some extra guidance for the best photos possible, give us a call about our inLine Mobile App. It includes a “Guided Photos” feature that shows exactly what pictures to take and how to position the vehicle to showcase it on your website!

How To Stage And Photograph Your Vehicles - AutoRevo Download Here.

If you have any questions, comments, or other car dealership photography tips that we may have missed, leave them in the comments below.