Ideas for Local Website Content – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

If you want your site to be relevant for local searches, you’ve got to have local content on your site. This week’s video shares a ton of ideas for localized content so you can help your dealership get more local visibility. Use these ideas, or piggy back off of them and come up with your own!


Welcome back to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. This week’s tip about Local SEO, and it’s going to help your website show up better in local searches. With traditional SEO, you’re trying to get a website to rank high for a search query – anywhere that search is conducted. With Local SEO, you’re trying to get a website to rank high for a search query in a specific geographic area.

The rules are different… You’ve got to do all the usual “SEO things”, but you’ve got to worry about additional signals at the same time. One of the most important additional signals is local relevancy. If you’re a business that’s located in a certain geographic area, and you want to rank well in that area, you’ve got to prove to Google that you’re a relevant result for someone searching for your business in that area.

There’s a lot that goes into local relevancy – I’ve talked about using a local phone number in the past – that’s one part of the local relevancy puzzle. I’ve also talked about citations, which are mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number on other sites. I’ve even talked about specific on-site elements that you need to optimize for local search.

It’s also important to have localized content on your website. If you’re located in Dallas, Texas, it’s not just about having “Dallas, TX” in a few important spots on your site – it’s about having content ABOUT Dallas on your site as well.

Here’s where a blog comes in really handy. You can add all sorts of ancillary information on your blog to help build relevancy, but most businesses just concentrate on talking about their products or services all the time.

You can really kick some butt in local searches by talking about your community too. Prove that you’re a locally relevant business by making your blog a local destination. Provide so much awesome local content that people in your area come to your site to read the awesome tidbits that you’re sharing.

You’re not doing this just to get links – but if you do it right, you’ll get some anyway. You’re doing this to have tons of local content on your site that will help show Google – and your customers – that you’re a relevant, involved local business. Blog about the places you like to eat – share a list of the top 5 BBQ restaurants, or the to 5 burger joints. Blog about current events in your city, or upcoming events that people might be interested in. If you sponsor a Little League team, share some posts that share the team’s progress. If you’re a sponsor in a local golf tournament or a 5k race, share that info on your blog, and then come back after the event and share photos.

Create a local event guide. For example, there’s a big marathon in Dallas every year, and we created a pdf guide that shared the best hotels to stay in, the best places to stand and watch the race, the best restaurants to eat in, etc. We posted it on our dealer’s blog, then shared it socially for a few months leading up to the event.

You can also write reviews for local businesses. Instead of just putting a list of your favorite burger joints together, you could write a post about your favorite one and why it’s so awesome. A great bonus is that typically, these businesses will end up writing a review about your business in return, which gets you more visibility and a link.

Local resource directories are another great idea. I’m not talking about creating a “links” page where you just trade links with other businesses… I’m talking about creating a page of links to businesses that you recommend because you want to show support for other local businesses.

Do you know someone on the school board or city council? Interviews of local figures are another great idea for local content. Take advantage of your friends or business connections and write up some interviews – again, it’s likely they’ll return the favor, which helps you even more in the long run.

You can talk about common questions you hear from customers. You can post something about your favorite local charity. You can share inside information about your industry.

The list goes on and on – regardless of what vertical you’re in, you can piggy back off of this list and come up with tons of ideas for useful, interesting content that helps boost your local relevancy.

Virtual High Five – you just learned something new. As always, leave your questions or comments down below. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.