The Importance of Branding Your Dealership – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Competition is fierce in the automotive industry – and far too many dealers forget the importance of branding. Successfully branding your dealership can make the difference between just barely making it and selling tons of cars. Your branding should be consistent everywhere, with any public-facing element of your dealership.

This week’s video talks about dealership branding, and takes a fun look at a dealer who took her branding to the extreme…


Hey, thanks for joining us for this week’s Tuesday Tip Video Clip. This week we’re going to talk about branding. If I asked you what branding was, what would you say? Some people say it’s how you present yourself to customers. Others say it’s how you promise to serve your customers. Still others say it’s making yourself recognizable to customers.

Actually, it’s all of the above – branding is all about how your customers see your dealership. The key is to decide how you want to brand your dealership and stick with it. Your branding should extend to every public face of your dealership – your showroom, your website, your business cards, your advertisements… It’s absolutely important that your branding is consistent everywhere.

So let’s take a look at a dealership in the UK that has taken branding to a whole new level. She decided that breaking all the “website rules” would be her branding – and she’s making a killing.

Ling’s Cars is in your face from the get go. As one of our team members says, “This website hurts my face.” When you go to, you’re absolutely assaulted. She breaks every rule unapologetically – there’s autoplay music, tons of moving elements, and no clear action a customer should take. There’s foul language, a picture of poop, and a random gif of a chicken walking around, with no real reason.

Ling Valentine is known for being a little crazy, very upfront, but most importantly – honest. She prefers to have everything in writing and makes sure there are zero surprises for customers. According to Ling, “I prefer to treat people intelligently and show all the costs in full. Who would commit to a car, having been misled?”

This is powerful branding. It’s an experience to do business with Ling’s Cars, and she showcases how happy and satisfied her customers are right on her website.

Ling’s Cars and its method of branding is obviously not the right direction for most dealerships to take. But it goes to show that building your brand and making customers see you a certain way are important steps to building your business. Make sure your branding is present anywhere a customer can see it. Your branding needs to be an integral part of your dealership’s identity.

Virtual high five – you just learned something new. If you haven’t gone to yet, do it. Tell us what your first impression is in the comments down below. And, as always, if you have questions, leave them below, too. Thanks for watching – we’ll see you again next week.