Inventory Management Made Easy

AutoRevo’s Inventory Management System

Whether you use the Vehicle Management System (VMS) to manually list vehicles or automatically import and update from another service, we make it easy to market your inventory on your website and across all of the major listing services.

You can import your inventory from hundreds of sources, or you can enter it manually. Our Chrome-powered VIN decoder ensures quick, accurate listings of all vehicle options, equipment, and factory paint colors.

Unlimited Photos

Want some photography pointers?

Our whitepaper, “how-to-stage-and-photograph-your-vehicles” will teach you everything you need to know to showcase your vehicles and get them sold fast. Get it here.

Unlimited Vehicle Photos

Unlike many other providers, AutoRevo PowerSites allow for unlimited vehicle photos. We all know that the photos sell the vehicles, so we let you upload as many photos as you want to.

Vehicle Video

Online video has been proven time and again to increase engagement and boost conversion rates, especially in the auto industry. AutoRevo PowerSites feature seamless integration with YouTube, so when you upload a vehicle video through our system, it’s automatically uploaded into your YouTube account. Not only will you have an engaging video on your vehicle details page, but you’ll also have the added boost of a YouTube video that can get indexed in Google searches – increasing your chances of getting that vehicle found online.

Automatic Vehicle History Reports

Whichever provider you use, the AutoRevo system allows you to easily purchase and display vehicle history reports in your vehicle listings. The appropriate icon is displayed prominently on your listing page and details pages, making it easy for potential customers to research your vehicles.

carfax car fox Since AutoRevo is a Preferred Partner of CARFAX, our CARFAX integration is streamlined and user-friendly. One-Owner vehicles are highly sought after, and our system clearly labels applicable vehicles with the One-Owner CARFAX logo. When you load a vehicle into the system, and automatic VHR is produced, and the appropriate information is applied to your dealer website, your window stickers, and your mobile inventory management application.