Craigslist Integration for Dealers

Local search is becoming increasingly important to successful online vehicle marketing, and Craigslist is a vital tool for generating local-based traffic to your dealer website. In fact, for most of our successful dealers, Craigslist is the second largest source of referring traffic to a dealer’s website (besides Google).

Cheap, Easy Exposure

If you’re not using Craigslist, you’re missing out on the biggest source of local leads on the Internet. Our most successful dealers have proven that Craigslist brings huge amounts of traffic to your dealer website. In many cases, now that Craigslist is charging dealers per post and the spammers have run for the hills, it’s more successful than ever.

Generate More Traffic to Your Dealer Website

Posting vehicles in different metro areas will extend your local reach and bring in interested buyers, resulting in measurable boosts to your website traffic.

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