Automatic Vehicle Videos

Create detailed video presentations of your inventory without lifting a finger.

Ok, maybe you will have to lift a finger, but just once and only to activate AutoRevo’s Inventory Video Tool. Once turned on, this fully-automated system searches your inventory for vehicles with 5 or more photos, generates YouTube video slideshows using the still images and vehicle details from your listing, then securely uploads the video to your dealership’s YouTube account and website.

Plus, Our Inventory Video Platform is Included FREE With Every Inventory Management Package.

  • 5 photo minimum
  • Energetic music tracks
  • Backlinks from YouTube to your website
  • Highlights key selling features
  • Integrated with CARFAX 1-Owner status
  • Turns static photos into a virtual walk-around


  • Video titles are optimized for search
  • Video descriptions include top line info and links to your listings
  • Hosted on YouTube for maximum SEO optimization
  • Links drive traffic to your inventory page


  • Uses your vehicle data and existing images to build slideshow videos
  • Automatically exports to your dealership website
  • Uploads safely and securely to your YouTube account


  • Videos build trust, especially online
  • Increases the amount of time a shopper spends viewing your inventory
  • Free and included in every AutoRevo account