Local Phone Numbers – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Local numbers are critical for local search success. Google uses local numbers as proof that a business is local, so an 800 number can really tank your rankings. Watch our latest video to see why you absolutely need to have a local number on your dealership website.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT welcome back to another tuesday tip video clip. This week we’re gonna talk about an important SEO element that way too many dealers get wrong – your dealership phone number

One of the most important elements for ranking high in local searches is using a phone number with a local area code. Google uses local area codes as an indicator that a business is local to the searcher. In fact, Google EXPECTS certain business types to use a local number, and to use that same local number everywhere online and offline.

So why do so many dealers still have 800 numbers on their websites? The vast majority of your customers are local anyway – and Everyone’s got cell phones now, so no one has to pay long distance anymore. If you’re going to sell to someone out of state, that person is going to find you through AutoTrader or eBay Motors – not through your website. You don’t need that 800 number…

Now, some of you might be saying “but wait, Greg – we use an 800 number for call tracking”. Ok, I get that – you want data on all your calls. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the way that Google works. I actually get this question fairly often, and I always ask the dealers – do you even look at your call tracking reports? Most of them say no, they just get them because they always have. For the few who DO look at the reports, I ask them if they ever make any marketing decisions based off the data in the reports, and I have yet to hear anyone say yes.

It’s simple – would you rather keep getting tons of data (that you don’t use) on the calls that you’re getting, or would you rather switch to a local number, rank better, and get more calls?

Virtual high five – you just learned something new. Got any questions? Leave a comment down below or call us today. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you next week.