Local SEO Optimization – Tuesday Tip Video Clip


Hey there – welcome back to another tuesday tip video clip. Let’s talk about optimizing your dealership website for Local searches.

Google has decided that certain business types fall in the “local” category, and for any searches involving those businesses, it returns results that are local to whoever is searching. If you type in “used cars” in Dallas, you get a completely different set of results than if you search the same thing in Denver. Makes sense, right?

You should already be working your SEO for your site – and today, I’m going to give you some pointers on how to work in some local optimizations as well.

If you’re a single-rooftop dealership, then these tips all apply to your home page. If you’re a dealer group with multiple stores, you’ll want to implement these tips on the home page of each rooftop, or if you’re using a single group website, on the individual landing page for each location.

So – besides the traditional optimization you’re doing, you need to be sure to also:

Include your city/state in the title tag Include your city/state in the H1 heading Include your city/state several times in your content Include your city/state in the alt tags on images on the page Include your city/state in the meta description Include your dealership’s name, address and phone number, and make sure it exactly matches what’s listed on your google plus local page Include an embedded google map – but don’t just do a map that points to your address, point it to your actual google plus local location

If you’re working with a group site, and optimizing landing pages for individual stores, you should also include your city/state in the URL of the page.

Virtual high five – you just learned something new! As always, leave a comment down below if you’ve got a question. thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you next week.