Losing “Change Location” in Google Search


Losing “Change Location” in Google Search

Video Transcript Hi, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Buzz around the SEO water cooler is that the advanced search tool for search by location has finally been pulled completely. Now this hasn’t come as a surprise to the SEO team here at AutoRevo since we started noticing it’s disappearance and reappearance for the past month or so, but this has taken away our relied on means of reporting rankings, via manual search.

As a refresher, it’s important to remember that Google’s results can be different for each IP address, each logged in user, each browser and each device so it’s near impossible to get the exact results of the users you’re targeting. However there are some great tools and a trick or two to still get that information.

Before we get into what tools you can use for location-based rank checking, here’s a little trick you can use in when you’re in Google. Go to google and enter a query. For this exercise we’ll used cars. More than likely, Google already knows your location but let’s tell Google where we’re looking. At the end of the url in the address bar add this “&near=” then your new location information. See what happened? Google changed the location without you having to add location identifiers to the query itself.

The first tool you can use for location based search is Whitespark. Developed by the seo genius Darren Shaw, this robust site with tools like Local Citation Finder, Reputation Builder and Local Rank Tracker is a must for any level SEO. With up to 50 results returned for searches, the Local Rank Tracker will monitor local pack, maps and organic search ranking results in a clean, easy to read interface. For $50 a month, you can monitor 250 keywords with unlimited domains and unlimited locations. The pricing for Local Rank Tracker varies anywhere from $5 a month for 10 location keywords, to $200 a month for 2500 keywords. They are well equipped to handle the needs of any sized business.

The second tool is Brightlocal. Brightlocal also boasts a CitationTracker and SEO Check-Up tool but what the tool I use most with Brightlocal is their Rank Checker. With a different visualization than Whitespark, Brightlocal can give you a snapshot of all major search engines and actually breaks down each keyword nicely. With a credit system, you can tier your usage by need just about every month.

Luckily each of these tools has a trial version or demo for you test out their products before you make any monetary commitment. Let us know what you think of each or if you have other suggestions. Leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.