Online Dealership Reviews – Tuesday Tip Video Clip


Hey, welcome back to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip.

This week, we’re going to talk about reviews. Did you know that 4 out of 5 customers – 80% of them – will decide not to buy from you if you have bad reviews? Many customers will seek out reviews before they’ll buy from a dealership, so it’s important to have a solid reputation management strategy in place.

I should point out – I’m not talking about manually collecting testimonials and posting the good ones on your site. A testimonial page is completely useless.

I can see the look on your face from here. I know you’re surprised to hear me say that. Let me put it this way – if you collect reviews manually, and someone leave a REALLY bad review – would you post it on your testimonials page? Heck no. Of course your customers know that. They want to read honest, unbiased reviews, and that means they’re not going to read any of the 50 bajillion glowing testimonials on your site.

Trash your testimonials page and get reviews on Google. Not only are they the most visible reviews to potential customers, they also play into Google’s local ranking algorithm. simply put, more positive reviews will help you rank better in local searches.

It’s really hard to get good reviews – I know! People just aren’t that motivated to leave reviews when they had a good experience. They only want to leave them when they’re angry, which totally stinks. It’s up to you to remove the roadblocks and make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave you happy reviews.

Here’s a killer review boosting strategy for you:

1 – Create a page on your website at put a link to your Google plus page there, as well as instructions for leaving a review. That way, you’ve got a simple URL to send people to that’s easy to remember – they won’t have to try to search for you on Google to leave the review

2 – Create a handout to give to customers. we suggest a nice 4×6 postcard – you can get 500 printed for less than 50 bucks. Include a simple thank you note on the card along with your dealership’s review URL that you set up in step 1. hand the card out to every customer when you’re doing your final handshake – as you thank them for buying, ask them to leave you a review on Google. that way it’s one of the last things you say, and it’s the last thing they get from you.

3- Follow up with an email or two. you should be sending a follow up email to every customer a few days to a week after they buy anyway… just add in a link to your review page and remind them that you’d love to hear how you did. be careful though – you don’t want to ask for a review if they’ve already left one.

Keep in mind – it’s going to be a slow process. you shouldn’t expect every customer (or even half of them) to leave a review. In fact, you should be happy if you get a steady stream of just 1 or 2 reviews a month.

Virtual high 5 – you just learned something new! As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them down below. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.