Optimize Your Inventory for Aggregator Sites

Are you doing everything you can to make your inventory stand out on aggregator sites? If you want to learn how to optimize your inventory to get more leads for your vehicles, watch this short video. We’ll run through a couple things you can do to make sure your inventory looks great on aggregator sites.

Video Transcript:

Your leads from aggregator sites are down and you’re frustrated. I’ve seen it on traffic reports countless times. If your spend and inventory are staying even with the competition, but your leads are drying up, you might need to take a look under the hood. On most aggregator sites, people click to learn more about a vehicle based on 2 things. The price. And the picture.

We’ve said it on our tip videos for years, but vehicle photos are important – especially for used cars. In recent testing, we see a lot of franchise dealers using stock photos for used cars on aggregator sites. And no surprise, the dealer says they’re getting fewer leads and we’re seeing less traffic to the site for used vehicles than ever. We always encourage dealers to take at least 40 real photos of the cars they’re listing. You need photos of everything. Exterior, interior, everything. And don’t sneak in any stock photos.

Now, if your photos are on point, then check your pricing compared to other dealers in your area on that aggregator site. If your 2013 Silverado is more expensive than everyone else in town without any discernible superiority in product features, leads are going to be tougher to acquire.

If your photos are on point, your price is in a sweet spot, and you’re still not getting leads, its time to check out the next thing a dealer can control on an aggregator site: the vehicle descriptions. A big block of features separated by commas is not the ideal way to describe a unique pre-owned vehicle. Buyers want to know as much as possible about a used car before they consider contacting the dealer to learn more.

If all you’re giving them is a stock features list, you’re leaving leads on the table. So, when adding vehicle descriptions, try to write at least a few sentences that give users more specific information about the vehicle you’re selling. It is a simple, easy way to make users happy and it could turn your lead problems around.

Well, that about wraps it up. If you have any comments, leave them below. We’ll see you next week.