Quick Desk In AutoRevo VMS

In less than a minute, provide a customer with an electronic document giving the total “out the door” price. Quick Desk is a great marketing tool that can be emailed directly to the customer and clearly negotiates all aspects of the deal. Watch it in action …

Launch Quick Desk directly in the showroom.

Ease of access is what it’s all about. We want you to be able to do everything needed to market your vehicles right from the showroom view.

Most values are pre-filled with defaults you define.

Quick Desk comes with predefined labels and settings, but if you want to change how your customer sees labels or adjust rates to your situation, it’s all easily edited.

Adjust figures and see results in real-time.

We let you make changes on the fly so negotiating back and forth is not a problem.

Enter customer name, phone and email.

All that is needed is a name, phone and email from the customer to get the process started.

Select history reports or dealership map.

If you use CARFAX or AutoCheck, you can choose to send a snapshot report with the offer. If not, a dealership location map will make it easy for them to find you.

Click to email offer to your customer.

It’s that simple, the offer is emailed to your customer as an attached PDF. They can print and accept the offer by signature and return it to you.

More New VMS Features:

AutoRevo VMS - Updated Design

Updated Design:

The updated design and layout allows you to run your business from the main showroom screen. All the same great functionality as before but with many new, productive features!

AutoRevo VMS - Universal Search

Universal Search:

This broad-scope search allows you to type in just about anything and find matching vehicle information from all phases of inventory. (Thank you Sandy from American Auto Brokers)

AutoRevo VMS - Notes Preview

Updated Internal Notes:

This feature improvement allows you to communicate internally about a vehicle. Write notes about a vehicle to communicate with other staff members or remind yourself of things. The most recent note shows in the showroom row. Write and review notes with a click.

AutoRevo VMS - Universal Search

CARFAX Snapshot:

You can now get CARFAX summaries at a glance by just mousing over the VIN in the topline information. Click for the full CARFAX report.

AutoRevo VMS - Universal Search

inLine Pricing Summary:

Clicking on the inline Pricing button will still provide all the great information as before, but now mousing over the icon in showroom will give you a summary version.

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