Reporting and Analytics

TruLogic, our robust reporting and analytics system, was designed to help dealers have transparency in their floor plans so they can make better, more informed decisions when making future buys. Dealers have spoken, and we have answered with the best reporting engine in the vehicle marketing space.

Advanced Website Analytics

What good is having a dealer website if you can’t see how it’s performing? AutoRevo PowerSites feature seamless integration with both Google analytics and our own proprietary analytics system. Analytics make it easy to track lead conversions, unique site visitors, number of pages viewed, time on site, and more. More importantly, you can monitor keyword performance and the results of SEO linking strategies.

Robust Dealership Reporting

With TruLogic, you can break down and analyze every aspect of your performance month over month and year over year. Slice and dice your dealership data to see information such as which years, makes, models, and colors work best at your dealership. You can even export the reports to Word, Excel, PDF, and many other formats.

TruLogic Highlights

  • Detailed Sales Report – a customizable view of sales data to the car level. S and filter to get the numbers that you need.
  • Sales by Channel – See which advertizing channel is working for you. A great way to show ROI on advertising dollars that are being spent.
  • Sales By Rep – See how your sales people are doing and the total sales dollars of those reps.
  • Month over Month – Compare monthly sales data versus the same month last year.
  • Sold Vehicle Activity – A granular view of sold inventory. See a snap shot of your sold inventory and the traffic it received.
  • Sold Vehicle Summary – This will be the Owner /GM’s favorite report. Drill down and see which color vehicles sell the fastest, how fast you are turning certain makes or models, and more…
  • eBay Charges – A detailed view of all eBay charges associated with your dealership over a selected date range.
  • eBay Auctions – See which auctions you’ve launched, launch dates, and vehicle details for all auctions over a selected date range.