Social Media for Car Dealers

Social Media for Car Dealers

Trying to find a social media product that gives your fans something new on a consistent basis? Tired of posting marketing posts over and over again? AutoRevo Social Media is the answer to your car dealership. The sweet spot for social media posting is anywhere from 15-20 times per month. Your fans love you now, but you don’t want to inundate them with daily marketing and vehicle posts.

We provide consistent social media posts for car dealers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We specialize in engaging, click-worthy posts that will draw customers to your website and help convert them into sales. Our social media team will help you set up your social media pages, claim your Google+ page (GMB) – and even add a user image and cover photo that match your dealership’s branding!

Consistent social media posts are great for your fans, but claiming your business pages and posting daily will really add value to your ongoing SEO efforts.

Stop trying the same old thing and start connecting with your fans.

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