Blog Writing

Automotive Blog Writing

Are you in need of extra content on your car dealer website? Maybe you want to give some value back to your customers by starting a automotive tips and tricks blog. Well, that is where AutoRevo comes in. As part of our Fully Managed SEO Service we will create a blog page and style it after your website. We will them write and publish two blogs per month to your newly created blog. This is beneficial in a few ways for your car dealer website.

Create Fresh Content

Google loves fresh content. They love to see a website that is constantly publishing new content and updating at regular intervals. This tells Google that you care about your website and are trying to give the customer some value.

Give Customer Value

Giving your potential customers value from your blogs is a great way to get your brand in front of them before they start their car buying journey. If they find your blog post on the “4 Best Weekend Drives Around Dallas” valuable, they just may think of you first the next time they need a new or used vehicle.

Build Links Organically

Blogs are also a fantastic way to build links for your website. If your blogs answer questions that your potential customers have and they find real, tangible value in your blogs, then you tend to get links back to your site naturally. No research necessary.

Extra Content For Social Media

We will cross-post your blogs directly onto your social media accounts, which helps push the content and helps drive traffic to your site. This is a great way for people in your local area to see the blog in other places in addition to your site.