Social Media Management

It’s clear that social media is here to stay…

… And it’s become a huge influence on the course of the Internet. Every dealer knows that they need to be involved in social media to compete in today’s market, but it’s extremely time-consuming to even come up with an effective social media strategy… let alone execute the strategy correctly. Our expert team of social media gurus is here to help take your dealership’s social media presence to the next level, so you can spend your time selling cars, not sitting at your computer.

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social media management

Our 80/20 Rule Ensures Engagement and Interest

There’s no faster way to drive away fans and followers than to never post anything but links to vehicles in your inventory. Social media is all about community and conversation (unfortunately, most dealers don’t understand this). We’ll post to your social media profiles according to our 80/20 rule: 80% of the content will be fun and engaging, and 20% will be marketing related information. If you post interesting updates, you’ll gain followers and fans, and whenever they interact with your posts, all of their friends and followers will see the interaction – helping you to reach potential customers that aren’t even following your dealership!

Facebook – The King of Social Sites

Facebook is the world’s most popular social site, now generating more daily visits than Google. We’ll create a social hub that will attract potential customers and engage previous customers. We’ll help you set up a promotion to encourage people to “like” your page, and can even help with Facebook contests to really drive engagement. We’ll post updates throughout the week to keep your fans interested and keep your dealership at front-of-mind.

Twitter – Microblogging for Success

Twitter is growing exponentially, and our team will work to ensure your dealership’s success with all the fans of “microblogging.” Our design team will create a custom branded Twitter skin, so your followers will associate your Twitter page with your company identity. While it’s possible to tweet individual inventory items from inside our system, we’ll actually encourage you not to do so. Twitter is all about conversation, so we’ll steer clear of just blasting out your inventory… we’ll actually join in the conversation so your dealership is heard.

We’ll even help with your blog

We’ll set you up with a blog, if you don’t already have one, and we’ll make sure your branding is consistent. We’ll teach you how to blog correctly, and we’ll even write a few posts a month for you. Our team of copywriters will help create the fresh content that search engines love and your customers will thank you for providing.