Should You Show Sold Vehicles On Your Site?

Ever since dealers have been on the Internet, there’s been a debate about showing sold inventory on a dealership website. The proponents swear that showing sold inventory brings in more leads, but there’s never any proof of that point. This week’s video walks through the issue and points out all the proven reasons why showing your sold inventory is very bad for your dealership.


Hey, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. I’m gonna go ahead and pass this on over to Steve, one of the senior guys on our SEO team, cause today’s topic is something he’s super passionate — some might say a little crazy — about.

Hey, I’m Steve – and today, we’re going to talk about displaying sold inventory on your dealership’s website. A lot of automotive software providers give dealers the option to display sold inventory for a few months – or even forever – but doing so is a very bad idea.

Displaying sold inventory creates an awful experience for users and has zero SEO value. In some states, dealers can even get popped for bait and switch claims if they’re displaying sold vehicles on their websites.

A lot of dealers think that if they keep sold inventory on their site, someone might land on that VDP from Google, see that it’s sold, but then decide to browse the site “in case there’s something similar available.” That’s flat out wrong. If someone’s searching for a specific vehicle and lands on a VDP that says the vehicle is sold, they’re to bail back to Google. Every time.

Let’s say you’ve got a sweet F-150 that ranks well in local searches. Once you’ve sold it, it does you zero good to keep displaying the truck on your site. If you have a similar F-150, then that one would rank well on its own anyway. Showing the sold one might even take away potential leads from the one you DO have. You need your website and your inventory to be as relevant and up to date as possible – you don’t want to do anything that might cause potential customers to bounce. Get rid of the sold inventory and you’ll get more legitimate traffic and more leads.

Showing sold vehicles wrecks your user experience and doesn’t provide any SEO value – so turn that stuff off! Greg said I had to do a virtual high five, so… virtual high five – you just learned something new. If you’ve got anything to say or a question to ask, leave it down below in the comments. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.