Showing Prices On Your Site – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

Far too many dealers still think that if a vehicle doesn’t have a price displayed, customers will call to ask about the car. In reality, this tactic will result in lost sales… Today’s customer wants instant information, and we know that they’re going to browse multiple sites before making a call or filling out a form. If your competitors are displaying prices and you’re not, potential customers are going to call your competitors.


Welcome back! For this week’s Tuesday Tip Video Clip, we’re talking about putting vehicle prices on your website. This one should be obvious, but we still see far too many dealers putting “call for price” on their sites.

Face time with customers is important. You want them to come to the dealership and talk to you, or at the very least give you a call. You may not know this, but I’m psychic. Yes, I just looked forward in time and saw that doubting look on your face. I know that you’re thinking, “but Greg – if I put ‘call for price’ on my site, they’ll think it’s a price that’s too good to be true and they’ll call me to see what it is!”

But you’re wrong… I know, you think it works. But we’ve got tons of data the proves that it doesn’t.

Customers are scouring the Internet for their next new car, and when your competition is listing prices, but you aren’t, you’re losing sales. Remember – customers are going to look at an average of 9 dealership websites before calling or filling out a form – so I can guarantee that they’re also looking at your competitors. If they’re looking for an F-150, and they see prices on 4 websites but “call for price” on yours, they’re going to call someone else. Customers think you have something to hide when you don’t list vehicle prices on your site, and some dealers using this tactic are seeing their sales suffer because of it.

Let’s face it: today’s customers want instant information. The Internet allows them to research hundreds of vehicles at dozens of dealerships simultaneously. They visit multiple online classifieds and several dealership sites, and unless they see a REALLY unique vehicle on your site, they’re not going to call you or fill out a form on your site if they don’t see prices.

We know this happens because we’ve seen it. Dealers call us for help when their sales are slumping, and not listing prices is a giant red flag. Don’t lose sales and leads. Put prices on every single vehicle in your inventory.

For those of you who already list prices, virtual high five! Great job marketing your inventory online. If you think we’re wrong or have more questions about why you should list vehicle prices on your site, leave a comment down below. We’re always happy to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.