Six Huge Tips for 2016 – Tuesday Tip Video Clip


Six Huge Tips for 2016

Video Transcript Hi, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. Can you believe it’s already 2016? Funny enough, no hoverboards or flying cars… yet, but the race is on for self-driving cars and privatized space travel. We packed last year with a ton of great tips for car dealers every week and we plan to do the same in 2016. To start the year off right, I’m giving you six massive tips to help your dealership sell in the digital age.

Number one. Get a responsive site if you don’t already have one. Mobile online spending and traffic continue to increase exponentially and if you’re still operating with crappy mobile experience, your customers are going to be leaving in droves.

Number two. Get social on social media. Whether it’s Pintrest, Twitter or the beast that is Facebook, you can no longer hide from your customers. They want to know everything about you and how you operate. Social media allows you to engage your potential, current, and past customers like never before. Frankly, wherever you customers are, you should be there too.

Number three. Start doing SEO. Honestly you’re behind the game if you’re not doing everything to optimize your search experience and likely your competitors have already joined the game. Whether you’re following our blog, hiring someone in-house, or partnering with the geniuses in the AutoRevo SEO department, ranking better and converting more is a full time job. It’s no longer a “set it and forget it” task to be ignored.

Number four. Get more reviews. With a growing number of car buyers doing more and more research, you’re going to lose sales if you can’t be trusted. The more reviews you get, good or bad, the better idea the customer has of how you operate your business. It’s already an uphill battle as a car dealer to build trust with your customer, but now you have the opportunity to strut your stuff when you’re doing well, or nip things in the bud when you’ve messed up.

Number five. Engage the customer outside of your dealership. Although this does include social media, it’s crucial for you to show your personality. If you’re selling badass sports cars, get to some auto shows. If you specialize selling cars to students, get out to the colleges in your area. Be a part of the community in which you belong, again, your customers are there so you should be too.

Number six. Follow our blog for weekly tips and updates on all things automotive and SEO. We’re in your corner and want you to feel like you have experts on your team. We’re here to help you sell more cars!

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