Switching Website Providers? Set Up 301 Redirects

Ever since the first dealerships got online, there’s been a huge question around showing sold inventory on a dealership website. Many dealers still believe it’s a good idea and that it will result in more leads and sell more cars. This week’s Tuesday Tip Video Clip explains why displaying sold inventory is a very bad idea, both for SEO and for user experience. Watch and learn about the latest best practices for dealership inventory online.

At AutoRevo, we always set up 301 redirects for the pages that need them. If you’re using a different provider, just make sure you talk to your account manager or support team and have them set up the 301 redirects for you.


Hey everybody – welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. I’m back again this week to chat about 301 redirects… and specifically, setting up 301 redirects when switching website providers.

Switching website providers is usually an overwhelming process. You’ve got to make sure your inventory and content moves over to the new provider, along with exports and DMS integration – but almost every time, dealers forget to implement 301 redirects.

Each provider has a different system for page addresses, so when you switch providers, your static pages will all have new URLs. For example, your About Us page might be at dealership.com/about-us but change to /about-our-dealership.html on the new provider. If you’ve got any links out there to internal pages, after your provider switch, those links would point to 404 error pages. It’s bad for your SEO and very bad for user experience.

A 301 redirect tells Google that a page has permanently moved. When Google sees a 301 in place, they pass the existing link authority of the old page to the new page. Most all automotive website providers are pretty good about implementing 301 redirects on the root level of the domain name, but but it’s also important to ensure that all of the internal pages are redirected correctly.

So, you need to ask your new website provider to make sure that all of your old static page URLs are being redirected correctly with 301s when you switch the site over. You don’t have to worry about individual VDPs, but any static page like financing, about us, etc. will need to be redirected to the new URL structure by your new website provider.

With proper 301 redirect implementation, users get where they’re trying to go and you don’t lose any valuable link authority that’s been built up over years. I’m supposed to do the virtual high five thing, but I want to update it – so… Virtual fist bump – you just learned something new. If you’ve got anything to add or to ask, drop it in the comments down below. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see ya again next week.