Two Huge Tips for Your Business Online


Two Huge Tips for Your Business Online

Video Transcript Hi and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. We usually offer alot of tips on what you should be doing to rank better and to drive traffic to your site. However, this week’s tip is about the two things you never do with your website or business because they will kill your SEO.

First and foremost, you should never have duplicate content anywhere on your website. It’s ok to have the same information on different pages, but you should never, and I mean never have the same paragraphs word for word on separate pages. We see this occur time and time again especially on the homepage and about us pages.

“Hi, I am Bryant Goodall and I am the Director of Search and Social at AutoRevo. I love mountain-biking, rock and roll, as well as my wife and dear daughter Lily.”

See how that looks? Terrible right? Even if you’re saying the same thing on other pages, it’s very important to deliver it in a different, conversational manner.

“Hi I am Bryant, a director at AutoRevo. My hobbies are mountain biking and playing music. I love spending time with my wife and daughter Lily.”

“Hey there, my name is Bryant Goodall and I work at AutoRevo as the Director of Search and Social. I love to mountain bike, play guitar and spend time with my family”

See how I did that, same information, delivered in different ways. Try that on your site and you’ll get results.

Additionally, you need to stick with your guns on how you represent your brand. A citation is any instance your Name, Address, Phone and Website occur on the internet. These have to be the exact same, every time, every where. If you have an I-N-C or something like that in your name, it has to be there. This is true with deciding on an ampersand or the word “and”. Figure out what you want and stick with it. If you call yourself Goodall Automotive, Goodall Autos, Goodall’s Autos, Bryant Goodall Car Experience, all over the internet, you’re not just going to confuse your customers, you’re going to confuse Google too. Simply put, pick how your business information is delivered and stick with it. This is also true with your address. See how many ways AutoRevo’s address can be written. My advice is search your business address on Google and stick with that one. If Google Maps is wrong, you can always correct them.

So in short, you don’t want duplicate wording on your website but you actually want duplicate information in citations. It takes a little bit of work and a lot more time to make sure that your website and business information are up to snuff and it will mean a world of difference to seach engines. And as usual, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.