VDP Photos – Thumbnails or Big ‘uns? – Tuesday Tip Video Clip

This week’s video discusses VDP photos. Far too many dealers still choose to show giant images, so customers have to scroll down far too many times to see all the photos. Yes, we understand that showing large photos is important, but even the most novice computer user knows you can click a thumbnail to see a larger image. Stop forcing endless scrolling on your potential customers and making your pages load slowly – watch our video for all the details.


Hey, and welcome to another Tuesday Tip Video Clip. This week’s tip is another quick one… and it’s something that a ton of dealers need help with. Dealers LOVE to show huge photos on their VDPs. They’ll put that biggest photos that their system allows all down the page, and you’ll have to scroll down about 50 bajillion times to see them all.

When we ask them why, they always say “because customers want big pictures”

Sure – I completely agree, big photos are important, especially when you’re shopping for one of the more expensive purchases of your lifetime. But – what dealers need to realize – even the most non-computer-using customers know that you can click image thumbnails to see larger images.

Huge photos stacked 12,347 pixels high is a flat out awful experience. If you’re taking at least the standard 40 photos of a car, and a potential customer really wants to check out the interior, but the interior photos are buried ¾ of the way through your photos, then they have to scroll down a ton to be able to see them.

Instead, if you showed thumbnails, they could land on the VDP, click the thumbnail of the image they want to see, and BOOM – they got what they needed with minimal effort.

Don’t make it hard for potential buyers to check out your cars. Let them choose the photos that they want to check out, don’t force ginormous photos on everyone.

Plus – page load speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. 50 thumbnails load a heck of a lot faster than 50 gargantuan photos. The majority of the pages on your site are your VDPs – do you really want 80% of your site to load slower than Christmas? You’ll scare off potential customers, and you’ll scare off Google too.

Virtual high five – you just learned something new. As always, if you have questions or comments, leave them down below. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again next week.