Website Provider Holds Google Places Page Hostage


It’s utterly amazing that shady providers can stay in business with tactics like this…

We recently signed up a new dealer, and during the set up process, he ran into a HUGE roadblock: His previous website provider refused to give him access to his own Google Places page!

He called us in frustration and shared their shady tactics with us. You can read the transcript or listen to the voicemail below, but let’s take a quick second to point out the important parts:

pull-quote1) They told him that they no longer had access to his page because they had “thrown all that stuff away” – if they set up the Google Places page for him, there isn’t anything to throw away. It’s attached to a Gmail address, so they only need the address and password.

2) They told him that if he came back, they’d give him access again. This is so incredibly wrong – it’s the listing for his business, so regardless of who set it up, it’s his listing!

3) They said he’d have to go through legal steps to “get it back from Google”, but that the process was long and drawn out. Again, a bold-faced lie. If you’ve lost access to your Google Places listing, all you have to do is get on the phone with Google support. It will take maybe 4 or 5 minutes to get access to your page. If you’ve lost access to your Google Places page, click here to go to the phone support page. Click the “contact us” button on the top, then click “call us”, then fill out your info – and you’ll immediately get a call from a Google support rep.

Don’t let a shady provider try to keep you with unscrupulous tactics like this! Your website provider should be your partner, not your prison guard…

Here’s the full transcript of the voicemail:

I talked to XXX XXX XXX, and they’re not going to give me access to the Google page. They said if I was to come back to them, they would probably, um, give it… they would probably find the ways in which they created it and accessed it, and they would probably give it… they would probably start working on it again. But they’re saying that they don’t have access to it anymore, that they threw all that stuff away… but if I came back that, well, they would find it again. So it’s kinda like blackmail, I think.

But anyway, I guess they said that I could go through the steps of trying to get it back legally from Google, but they said it’s a long drawn out process. So, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Or if you’d prefer, you can hear it for yourself: