What is Managed SEO?


What Is Managed SEO?

Video Transcript Google Now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to 3 and a half billion searches per day and 1.12 trillion searches worldwide. In fact in the United States alone there are 11 billion searches a month. Man look at all those zeros. As a business you not only have to compete with the businesses around you but those who are trying to rank better than you on Google. I mean come on it’s 2016, if you’re not doing everything with your website to help you rank better, and help customers find you more easily then you are missing out. Fully optimizing your website is a full time job and most businesses need as much help as they can get. Luckily I’m here to help.

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday tip video clip. So what does a professional like me do to help clients rank better on Google? Well really it starts with the two key ranking factors: relevancy and authority. Relevancy is how well your content matches the searcher’s query. Authority is how much the search engine trusts your website or brand. Search engines return the most relevant and highest authority results. We address relevancy by putting the most relevant keywords and phrases in the places Google looks at the most. If your customer is looking for “used cars in Dallas” we put the words they use in places like h1s, title tags, meta descriptions and alt-tags. We don’t just cram a ton of these keywords on to a web page and call it “optimized”. In fact it’s important to Google and the user to have these keywords in conversational text. In order to stay relevant this needs to be done over and over and over again.

Now for authority we actually do things like competitive research and deep analytics to find the right websites that will link to your business. If any website links to your business Google considers that a vote of authority. It’s very important to note that not just any link is a good link. It’s to be relevant to your business by either location, industry, or advocacy for your business. A business with a few good local links will outrank a business with a ton of irrelevant links.

This is just an overview of what an SEO does for businesses but more specifically AutoRevo’s managed SEO campaign consists of ongoing site changes, keyword research, Competitive analysis, link building, blog posting, social media posting and reputation management. We also spend an hour each month reporting data and discussing progress with each of our clients. It’s interesting to note that we do all of these things for our clients at a fraction of the price of hiring someone in house. oh I’m pretty damn good at it too.

As always, I or the SEO team at AutoRevo are available to answer any questions about SEO, User Experience, or all things digital marketing. You can call us, leave a message in the comment section below or email us at seo@autorevo.com if you have any questions.